Firewall’s main function is to protect the FIREWALL of the System, in other words, his jobs is to keep mainly viruses and other unwanted data out of the System. This also includes Hackers. But he does not have any affiliation or duty for anything malfunctioning on the inside of the System unless a virus manages to escape passed the FIREWALL.


7"0’ (ft) [7"3’ (ft) with roller-blades] {213 cm to 221 cm}

140 kg (309 lbs)


HP ?

*He looks super heated about something

(*The room feels like an oven)


Your Blue!: He is able to turn your soul blue and throw you around like a rag doll. This magic also works on other objects to move around when needed.

Blue/White Bone Attacks:Attacks used with bones most commonly set into dodge-able structures and patterns.

Blue Fire Manipulation

Firewall specifically can manipulate blue fire, which is hotter than most flames and use them in different types of attacks. He can also combine his blue flames with his Bone Attacks.

Playing with Fire: This is a status effect ability involved with his blue flames. This will leave an on-going burn on the opponent and will continue to burn until the opponent uses a healing item. Though its effects are slow and only takes between 3 - 6 HP per turn.


Blue Blaze Roller-blades:His personal almost all the time shoe-wear, his roller-blades which he can also use them as weapons, the blade-part be significant. The roller-blades are sharp and when he fights with them there is more than likely a trail of blue fire following very close behind.

Eradicators:These are essentially his version of a Gaster Blaster. And yes, they are literally Gaster Blaster engulfed in blue fire along with having pure white eyes, but four eyes. They mostly resemble the shape that appears on the front of his jacket. They have no jaws and there beams appear in a bright blue neon colour. 

Spine Whip:He can summon a whip made from appears to be vertebrae. It’s about as long as him and some extended reach. And yes, he will also set this on fire and attack with a flaming whip.


He shifts between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Good.

Asexual/Demisexual Aromantic

As one could guess from first appearance, Firewall is a total hot-head. He’s very impulsive, imapatient and quick-tempered. Most of the time, the guy looks angry and unapproachable. But when in a good mood, more than likely, he’s skating around with a big douche smirk.

He’s not into all of the lovey dovey stuff so getting him to show any compassion or politeness is near impossible. He’d slap you in two seconds if you tried to FLIRT with him. He doesn’t like it. He quite brutal and unforgiving and he can hold quite a few grudges, even for dumb things.

Firewall is a huge Daredevil, he loves to do dangerous things especially when they involve some roller-blade action and SPEED! If there was anything he could love most, it was rollerskating and going fast.

Otherwise, Firewall is pretty lazy, ‘cause if he’s not rollerskating then he’s probably floating around the FIREWALL or the Matrix doing nothing. But if you ever find him napping, DO NOT WAKE HIM UP! He’s easily pissed off if interrupted during a nap.

He doesn’t show much emotions other than anger and overconfidence. But, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a soft side. He rarely shows it but it’s possible for him to care about things other than himself, considering his job is to protect the code.

Oh and puns, he loves the red hot ones, fire-puns are the BOMB!


  • He is literally hot to the touch {3,000 C [3,273 K]-3,300 C [3,573 K] internally on AVERAGE}, he usually advises others not to touch him not just because he doesn’t like it but because they’d probably get burned. Well, that’s if you touch his skull or hands (He’s wearing open-finger gloves). Hugging him may not burn since he’s wearing insulated fire-proof clothing but he’s very warm.
  • Firewall in fact has a exoskeletal piece of tech attached to his spine that regulates his temperature and flames that he has no control over. It keeps his core temperature at about 3000 C but his outside temperature below 600 C when he’s not excited. It also enhances his physical attributes. {He’s technically an Android}
  • He always has four floating flames around him mostly for aesthetic but those flames are capable of turning into potential attacks. And he can also breath fire. Anything that appears blue on him glows.
  • If he’s not on skates, he actually just floats around bare-footed. In fact when he’s sleeping he floats unintentionally. This is the only time when he’s actually calm though, when he’s asleep his eyes don’t glow and his four flames are actually controlled and less spastic.
  • He’s pretty hefty so don’t think lifting him is a breeze, unless you’re super strong or something then obviously. And don’t let the bones fool you, he’s pretty damn strong himself.
  • The fur that he wears, or ‘floof’, can be ignited but that only happens when he’s super angry or doing a speed-run on roller-blades otherwise they just appear white with blue specs.
  • Being the Firewall and all, he’s combat oriented and at first he fights physically, along with the roller-blades, so his main mode of combat are various types of kicks. If he starts using bone attacks or his Eradicators then he’s fighting for real and if he summons his whip, he really wants to kill you. He is also immune to any of his own attacks so reflecting them would be ineffective.
  • There is something called RED ALERT or Code Red in which Firewall enters into a defense/offense mode and a completely different state of mind. This only happens when a serious threat or dangerous virus enters his zone. When he’s like this, he’s ruthless and cold-blooded and will not stop til’ the threat is either neutralized or exits the FIREWALL and will do anything to fill these requirements (Or until he doesn’t think it a threat anymore, he has some self-awareness in this mode). In the FIREWALL, the normally blue hue turns into a blazing red that flashes on and off while the walls become covered in ‘RED ALERT’ signs. He is capable of activating RED ALERT outside of the FIREWALL but has no control over his environment.
  • He has the ability to OVERWRITE a RED ALERT but is extremely uncommon.
  • He can teleport but his teleportation is tricky since when exiting a space, he actually explodes and when entering a space, he does so in a heap of blue flames.
  • Firewall is actually super fast when on his wheels, he’s reached jet speeds on these things but he’s hard to stop once started.
  • Firewall lives in the FIREWALL which is a blue space with walls of coding that act like barriers. Firewall can warp this space in anyway he sees fit and can peer into multi-verses only if a virus or threat is present. The FIREWALL is capable of taking damage but Firewall can fix that damage.
  • He has extreme Hydrophobia and doesn’t like being near most liquids. He is in fact weak to water but to actually kill him, you’d have to drown him but he can’t swim anyway so dumping him in a lake or a large body of water will probably kill him. But splashing him with a bucket of water or the like won’t kill him but you would put him out for a while and he won’t be able to re-ignite until he either dries-out or by a great deal of outside fire. But don’t spritzing him with water, he will kill you on the spot, don’t do that.
  • He’s also weak to high amounts of wind which could blow him out. But being caught in a vortex could possibly kill him or at least get rid of his flames for a while. But water is more effective.
  • He also has slight Germophobia and very very skeptic about touching. Doesn’t like to be touched without permission and loves his space. Not to mention, he also floats and almost never touches the physical ground.
  • He loves tabasco sauce, that’s his sauce quirk and the only thing he’ll ever drink. In fact, he almost never eats and anything he eats has to be spicy as hell, which is why he likes hot wings. He also has an affinity for Wasabi, he eats that stuff like ice-cream.
  • He cannot cry, I mean, he’s on fire, he just can’t. Neither does he smoke or drink, who would want him near alcohol anyway? The only thing alcoholic he could actually drink is possibly a flaming martini. In fact keep him away from anything flammable and don’t give him things that aren’t fire-proof, he might accidentally damage it later.
  • Firewall can eat Nicecream/Biscicle/Ice-cream but usually only when he frustrated and needs to cool off.
  • If he ever does die without water or wind being the ‘cause, he won’t go out quietly, more than likely he’d explode himself.
  • Even though he’s a Dare-devil, he has broken a couple bones and has gotten bruises before but he has never cracked his skull, which will probably freak him out. But by now, Firewall is almost basically null to pain.
  • Another stress reliever for him is yoga. Given some of his hobbies and even his purpose, he is quite flexible.


Woah nice fire
Burn baby burn

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