The File Traveler is a device that travels through files in the game. You also only have 1 chance to use it. After you're in the files you can do anything for as long as 12 hours before you're stuck in there. To go back easily press the back button on it and you'll return to your last save point. It was later discontinued in Underfell then the other AU's.


It was first created by a anonymous monster in the universe of Storyshift. The anonymous monster was a assistant to the royal scientist and they were a hard business man/woman. After they created 2 of them, the monster tested it; it worked. Without permission, the monster sold it for 10G to all universes, most monster can afford it, they bought it, an start messing with the files; this was the start of the Errortale universe. Fast forward a decade, it was later dangerous for anyone to use a file traveler without a degree, then forward 90 years in business it was later banned in Underfell a decade later it was banned in all universes of undertale.

How to use


  1. Turn on on switch on the back of the traveler
  2. Press the TTF button on the front
  3. Tap the screen to type file(if want)
  4. Startup with code on screen: out_unvrse_(AU's number{time created])_fle_cmptr_type_249543_blght_mse.cde


  1. Turn on switch
  2. Press OOF button
  3. Tap screen
  4. Startup with code: in_unvrse_(AU number code)_crry_frsk_in_unvrse_inmdty.cde

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