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Check out my complete dialogue and AU scenario surrounding the fight.

  • The true final boss appears.* [Neutral]
  • You feel your dogs crawling on your back.* [Neutral]
  • Tastes like Dog Residue* [Neutral]
  • Annoying Dog emits a Stage‐5 Evilness Froth.* [Neutral]
  • Don't you have anything better to do?* [Neutral]
  • Sounds.....annoying.* [Neutral]
  • Annoying Dog yips along with the music.* [Neutral]
  • Attacking won't work this time...* [Attempt to Fight]
  • Annoying has newly founded psychokinetic powers.* [After first Pet]
  • Annoying Dog excessively yips about its cool powers again. Its guard is down!* [After second Ignore]
  • Annoying Dog shakes in terror.* [Neutral after meeting sparing conditions]
  • You attempt to play with Annoying Dog, but it refused.* [Play before Beckon]
  • You know the drill.* [Play before Beckon twice]
  • You call Annoying Dog. It steps forward with great purpose.* [Beckon]
  • You know the drill.* [Beckon again]
  • Annoying Dog avoids eye contact as it curls up in your lap. It begins meditating.....Then it awakens from its trance. It's emitting a red aura.* [Pet]
  • Annoying Dog's red aura prevents you from further petting.* [Pet again]
  • You throw the Real Knife. Annoying Dog stops it mid‐air using its newly found psychokinetic powers. It launches the knife back at you!* [Play after Pet]
  • Annoying Dog temporarily prevents petting using its newly found psychokinetic powers.* [Pet after Play]
  • You ignore Annoying Dog. It gains confidence.* [Ignore]
  • Annoying Dog's eyes are locked on you. You must Beckon it.* [Ignore at start]
  • You know the drill.* [Ignore anytime after Beckon and before second Pet]
  • You run up and pet Annoying Dig with great Determination....It's convulsing.* [Pet after Ignore]

{WARNING SPOILERS} Once Toby's Patch is applied, you go back to Toby's room in the cavern to find Annoying Dog has gone missing. You True Reset your game and play through the Genocide Route. After the scene where you kill Flowey, Annoying Dog teleports into the Throne Room and instantly engages in battle. Annoying Dog's attacks are those of every previous dog only sped up considerably and more volatile. You have to go through a slight variation on Greater Dog's and Endogeny's sparing sequence. You then can kill Annoying Dog in a few hits. It's attacks grow even faster since it's violently shaking.

Annoying Dog is actually Toby all along, and the fight is made null and void by Toby reseting your game. No Chara encounter; no files to delete.

Annoying Dog's special attack involves him throwing Hot Cats at you using his newly found psychokinetic powers. He also launches your own Real Knife back at you (a little nod to the Mad Dummy fight). The fight isn't as difficult as Sans but, like Undyne the Undying, definitely isn't easy. The fight can be interpreted as Toby himself whooping your ass for being a jerk. You deserve it tbh.

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Medleys composed by Toby 'Radiation' Fox. Arrangement made by me.

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