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HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! Here it is, after two months of working on it... or is it? What can I say is it's as complete as it can be for now. As I've been pushing this poor Unitale to its limits, a recurring problem that happened to every modder at least once has been distinguished everytime I was using this engine: a complete leakage of memory. Some sprites disappear, other get replaced, etc... and it can be quite ugly at times. (There's one at about 15-16 min in the video.) Reddit user /u/RhenaudTheLukark is revisioning this leakage problem and seems to be finding the solution needed. However, as the mod gets kinda buggy with Unity itself, I've decided to release it without waiting for a newer version of CYK/CYF.

Here, take that download link: and enjoy it (if you can.)

Also, Download Unitale here (if you don't own it yet):

Also, I wanted to say I'm currently working on a game, so I won't be making mods for a while (stated it on the readme.) I want to blow some steam off, because it's been tiring to code in Lua for two months. However, I can assure you some modders are about to release some good shit (not telling you which ones, tho :D)

Okay! It's time for a little FAQ as I'm fed up with seeing the same questions again and again (and I know you don't necessarily have time to read all comments I answered.)

Q1: What the fuck is this mod?

A1: I won't say anything other than this: Interpretate it the way you want (it's not for show it's called "Your Battle".)


A2: Never said it was supposed to be Undertale. As said prior, it's "Your Battle", not necessarily meaning Frisk/Chara or whatever...

Q3: Whoa! The tracks are creepy as hell! Did you make them yourself?

A3: Nope. They belong to Toby Fox.

Q4: What are they, then?

A4: Rips of "Your Best Nightmare" and "Finale".

Q5: Where do I get them, separately?

A5: Go to the Audio folder of the mod you downloaded, and you'll get all of them.

Q6: No ZIP file. It sucks. (yeah, this one isn't a question, but whatever...)

A6: RIP. I'll only make a ZIP file if I feel like it.

Q7: Can you Spare it? If yes, what happens?

A7: Yes, you can and... nothing happens, because Unitale doesn't allow (yet) to do something after you've spared an enemy (and I was and still am too lazy to create a fake Spare option.)

(I'll add more in due time... meanwhile, I'm willing to answer technical problems and help if needed. However, I won't bother to answer anymore, since I'm getting too many comments to be able to focus on other stuff, sorry.)

PS: 16:55 RIP Headphones users.

PS2: There's no bug at the end of that wave, the thing really is OS-able on special conditions (which I respected, so here: get your lucky shot!)

PS3: I haven't shown any of the ACT commands (except Check and Talk) because I didn't want to show you everything (and it's already half an hour long...)

PS4: RIP me not having it :(

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