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(now this is up and fixed the angel to front instead of sideways time to tell about this character)
Servo's personality changed slightly through the au. In the Netural years, Servo was somewhat pompous and even arrogant towards the other characters. Gradually, these traits softened, and although Papyrus let his pride get the better of him on several occasions, he also showed more thoughtfulness towards others, though not necessarily tact. Papyrus was also easily rattled on several occasions, often letting his temper get the better of him or showing little patience, especially after being teased by Sans. He is highly intellectual and often shows deeper and a more complex level of thought than the other Satellite residents. This is highly shown in the episode The Undead, when he scored the highest on the Obserghosts' I.Q. test, even scoring higher than one of them. He says that he just, "tests well." This is shown to be true, when Papyrus is taken to the Obserghosts' planet: he can't read any mind but his own, the "brain" he carries is actually an olive, and to boot, he steals their silverware.More than that, Papyrus Servo seems to be an autodidact and polymath, knowledgeable in such diverse areas as the Greek classics (Homer) and mythology, philosophy (he has described himself as a "Humist", or follower of David Hume, an 18th century Scottish philosopher known for his philosophy of empiricism, amongst other areas), physics ("Mom, is space curved?" he has one on-screen character ask, referring, perhaps, to the works of Minkowski and his one-time student, Albert Einstein), and he seems not unacquainted with the works of Steven Hawking and Roger Penrose, and higher mathematics ("Are Gaussian equations flawed due to their strictly Euclidian view of the universe?") he has an another character query in "Terror from the Year 5,000)". And that's just the beginning. Of course, it's debatable whether some or all of this is just a pretense, subject to the whims of his extreme emotional lability and moment-by-moment egoic needs. When Toriel tried to understand Papyrus in Monster A-Go Go, he simply said, 'Nobody does. I'm the wind, baby!' However, Servo also has an inferiority complex about his size and shape, being insulted when called "stout" and often altering his form in attempts to improve his body or make him seem more imposing such as in The Pumaman he's tired of being short and adds height-enchancing extensions to his overskirt. He also in The Giant Gila Monster finds his butt "cute". Oddly, he did not have a complex about appearing in drag, which happened often when a female role was required for a sketch role and Toriel was not available. On one occasion, he even declared, "In this outfit, I feel like a total fem. You know what? I don't have a problem with it." Even with this fact, Servo considered himself to be quite a ladies' man; his past loves included a blender, Tibby the turtle, The Creepy Girl, and even his "sister" Toriel. He can also come across highly sensitive at times when pushed too far, and so can come off as the more emotionally vulnerable, often needing consolation from Frisk or Chara. It is often due to his inferiority complex, his own impulsiveness or his frustration caused by his intelligence or his nerve being challenged. Though he likely wouldn't admit it, one of Servo's biggest sensitive subjects was his head. As was mentioned in a fan letter read in Episode 302, The Unearthly, Servo's head (while transparent) could not be seen through when he was in the theater and he also had no physical eyes to watch the movies with. Servo denied hiding anything despite Frisk's and Sans's insessant nagging. The empty space inside Servo's head often allowed Sans and Chara/Frisk ample opportunities to fill it with stuff, such as the M&Ms seen in the early theme song and Chara's brother Eddie's cigarette ashes towards the end of the eighth. It was seen as a plastic tube when Servo got a haircut in Episode 205 Rocket Attack U.S.A., full of Ken doll heads to emphasize light-headedness in Episode 506, Eegah, and slimmed to a disk like the "Lost in Space" robot in Episode 821 Time Chasers. His sensitivity came up especially hard when Chara broke it while playing a prank on Sans in Episode 805 The Thing That Couldn't Die and when Chara and Sans blossomed and deep fried his head in Episode 1007 Track of the Moon Beast. Servo's attempt to make it a big deal fails when he realized just how good it smelled. His biggest sign of insecurity came when he completely swapped his old head out for a new ventriloquist dummy's head in Episode 610 The Violent Years (which may be a possible reference to Kevin Murphy's own Danny O'Day ventriloquist dummy). This new head made Toriel feel ill and traumatized Sans, but the situation got worse when Chara tried to pull it off. Servo also enjoyed singing,He frequently sang songs to objects of affection, such as Tibby and the The Creepy Girl, and on one occasion even tamed an enraged gorilla with his fine baritone voice. His singing voice helped to emphasize his ego, which is seen in The Violent Years when he sings is own Richard Wagner-esque theme song for the Mads'.In addition, Servo has red-green colorblindness and is the owner of a red toy car which he has used to run Sans over on several occasions an extensive underwear collection and a large number of duplicates of himself

(also papyrus servo isnt the tall bot infact he only goes up to sans chest at max thats because well thats the max you see of him in that picture since he has no legs or feet he has a hoverskirt hes basically like a small skellie robot that you can just hug though his arms dont fully function to well hug but he can extend his head and barf out gumballs so thats a thing)

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