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I decided to make my own Undertale AU and here's it is~ I call it Fusiontale. Sans offering his soul to Flowey in a Genocide Route led to this happening. (That is illustrated in the comic: Sneered the color blue)

Basically, Sunny mixed up the save files and restarted the game to the point, where every single monster in the Underground became a fusion. Frisk and Chara combine their minds in order to become strong enough to survive through their new twisted journey. (Since Chara was no longer human, meant that she could absorb Frisk's soul) Frisk agreed to fuse, only to try to prevent Chara from destroying everyone again.


Sunny (Sans + Flowey) A playful and chaotic fusion that has more knowledge and control over time and space than any other creature. They're strong, swift and a huge trickster. (Loves to troll people.) You can easily get on their good side, just don't make them MAD. When they're mad, then you can count on your existence getting erased for good. Sunny might be working with W. D. Gaster.

Metaphys (Alphys + Mettaton) A FABULOUS scientist. Knows a few tricks, traps enemies with really confusing, complicated and long equations. Never likes to give out answers. Where's the fun when you keep leaving your opponent hints? Makes a LOT of anime references.

Uranus (Undyne + Papyrus) A righteous knight that seeks JUSTICE. Has a lot of stamina and a pretty good aim when it comes to piercing the enemy with sharp spear-like bones. Uranus is tough and loud. LOVES to cook.

Asoriel (Asgore + Toriel) A sad and heartbroken parent. Mostly tries to block and defend themselves than attack. Desperately keeps holding onto hope. Because HOPE is the only thing they've got left.

Shyrook (Napstablook + Shyren) A shy, shy cutiepie. Loves to listen to soothing and old fashioned music. Cries poisonous tears and can let out a sonic screech, loud enough to do severe damage.

Muffy (Grillby + Muffet) A spider-like monster with a fiery personality. Enjoys conning and stealing money. If the enemy doesn't watch out, they can quickly get all their health items stolen by this fusion.

Friska (Frisk + Chara) A desperate fusion between a sociopath and a pacifist, really unstable. At times can show mercy, but mostly kills. Chara keeps overpowering Frisk. But who knows? Maybe Frisk can gain enough DETERMINATION to put Chara back in her place and make her see the world in a different way.

Fusiontale AU, fusions (c) Me Undertale, characters (c) Toby Fox

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