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"♥♪ ❃  ❂  ❁  ❀  ✿  ✾  ✽ ♪♥"

【 Magie Notes 】

★* Hello spuds! Welcome to another speedpaint! (FINALLY!)

★* I've been trying to plan on making this speedpaint for a long time because of my love for both fandoms which is Steven Universe and Undertale.

★*So in the speedpaint as you can see are Sans, Chara, Garnet, and Jasper fighting. Yeah! Since I've been hearing a lot of "Stronger Than You" parodies, and it just thought me of a fight scene between the WONDERS OF THE COSMOS and THE FIGHT BETWEEN JUDGEMENT! Hahaha! I am fangirling to much aren't I? Huehuehue (≧∇≦)/

★* All of the songs (Includes Original and Parody) really made me a thought to actually (I DON'T KNOW) make a crossover to both series of video games and cartoons! Most importantly, this is my contribution to what I interpret (in my opininon) what "Stronger Than You" really is! Waaaaah! Anyways hope ya like it! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

"♠ ♪ ✵ ✴ ❄ ❅ ❆ ❇ ❈ ❉ ♪♠"

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♪•Music Used:

  • ★ Stronger Than You Choir Garnet, Sans, Chara and Frisk Cover Mix By: Blue Blade

♪♪♪Vocals ↑ ♥•Garnet: Estelle Original Song:

♥•Sans: djsmell Cover Song:

♥•Frisk: Rachie Cover Song:

♥•Chara: MilkyChan Cover Song:

  • ★Stronger Than You Sans and Garnet Mashup Instrumental By: Axel Kuroyuki

♪♪♪ Mix ↑

♥•Original Instrumental by Aivi & Surasshu from The Crewniverse

♥•Cover Instrumental by Soreperior

♪• Programs Used:

♦Ibis Paint X (Drawing and Recording)

♦Viva Video Pro (Video Editing)

♦Undertale (Sans and Chara) belongs to Toby Fox.

♦Steven Universe (Garnet and Jasper) belongs to Rebecca Sugar.

♦I only own the speedpaint and art in the video. This is only for fair use.

♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟

Stay Spudtastic and I'll see y'all in the next video! CIAO~♥♥♥///


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