FelineTale is an upcoming AU by Hoparduc Snowpanther. Character design will be posted.



  • Hoparduc: The creator, Can be fought after the pacifist route.
  • Risk (Frisk, A Mouse)
  • Sense (Sans, A Cat Skeleton)
  • Catyrus (Papyrus, A Cat Skeleton)
  • Undine (Undyne, A Bobcat)
  • Alfish (Alphys, A Persian)
  • Meowtatton (Mettaton, A Robot Cat)
  • Mewstablook (Napsablook, Ghost Cat)
  • Meowth Kid (Monster Kid. 2 Legged Scottish Fold)
  • Kittoriel (Toriel, Maine Coon)
  • Pawsgore (Asgore, Maine Coon)
  • Meowffet (Muffet, Mutant Cat)
  • Temmie (Temmie, Temmie)
  • Asriel Dreempurr (Asriel, Maien Coon)
  • Chera (Chara, Mouse).
  • Pawster (Gaster, Sphynx)
  • Grillmy (Grillby, Egyptian Mau)
  • Riolu: The hidden Blue Cat, replacing So Sorry in this AU.


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