– Faxgore when bothering everyone

Faxs-Skeleton Dreemurr (Mostly called Faxsgore or simply Faxs for short) is a main character in CNAS-Fell. He is a very powerful, terrifying and annoying skeleton.


Like his CNAS-Tale counterpart, Faxsgore's story can be considered kind of weird. One day a blood-red portal opened up, with Faxs emerging out of it. Once he emerged, he saw a ton of Pepsi cans and tea-cups, so he thought "Why don't I make Pepsi flavored tea?" He eventually created the Pepsi-Tea, and suddenly VGAS (Fell!CNAS), Fell!TNF found him, so Faxs decided to annoy the HELL out of them. Pissed of at him, the CNAS-Fell crew started fighting Faxsgore, only to lose against him. They decided to let him tag along and join the CNAS-Fell crew.


Faxs has a dark red crown with a black crest in the middle of the crown. He also wears a dark red shirt under his red and black hoodie, as well as black pants with red and black lining. He also carries a glowing blue energy spear coated in blood. The spear is 'for emergencies.' He also has a few cracks running across his face.


Faxsgore is considered very annoying by his peers, but he is also very intimidating and even terrifying.




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