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– Faxsgore when bothering everyone

Faxs-Skeleton Dreemurr (Mostly called Faxsgore or simply Faxs for short) is a main character in the AU CNAS-Tale. Faxs is usually considered an annoying character by his peers.


The story of Faxsgore can be considered kind of weird. One day a portal opened up, with Faxs emerging out of it. Once he emerged, he saw a ton of Pepsi cans and tea-cups, so he thought "Why don't I make Pepsi flavored tea?" He eventually created the Pepsi-Tea, and suddenly TNF And TUTF found him, so Faxsgore decided to annoy the HELL out of them. Faxs tagged along with them and asserted himself into the CNAS team.


Faxs has a green crown with a orange crest in the middle of the crown. He also wears a green shirt under his blue and orange hoodie, as well as black pants with blue and orange lining. He also carries a glowing blue energy spear 'in case of emergencies.'


Faxsgore is usually considered very annoying by everyone who interacts to him.


Abilities and Weaknesses

Faxsgore doesn't attack all that often, but when and if he has to, he can be somewhat serious, well serious according to himself.

  • Annoyance - Faxs can use his irritating personality in combat to annoy his opponent, leaving them open to attack.
  • Spear - Faxs' spear can be used, well, like a spear. He can stab it, swing it and throw it at his opponents, damaging them.
  • Tea - During combat, Faxs can drink a cup of his Pepsi-Tea, which can restore 30 HP.


  • Faxs wasn't annoying until he made the Pepsi Tea.
  • He Is a retired member of an AUs royal guard.
  • He was very serious when he was a royal guard.
  • He retried because he secretly stole the kings crown in his universe, as he wanted to rule it for himself.

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