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FaxsTale is an AU made by Faxs The Skeleton, where anybody can be a Monster except any of the taken roles. Some non-taken roles are Toriel, and Napstablook,


  1. Everyone needs to make a page and/or sprite Within 2 weeks!
  2. Make sure to add yourself to FaxsSwap as your swapped character! The page will not be made for you and you will not be automatically added, you must do it yourself.

Not taken roles

Snowdin Enemies:



-Dogamy and Dogressa

-Greater Dog






Waterfall Enemies :










-So Sorry

-Royal Guards

CORE Enemies:

-Final Froggit





-Knight Knight

-Mad Dummy

ETC. Start being a monster today! Faxs will make the sprites of your character, or you can make your own sprite.


There were two races that lived together, Humans And Monsters, but suddenly a war started. One year later Humans won the war and to prevent any rebellions, they sealed the Monsters Underground with a magic spell. Later a human (you) fell into Mount War on 20XX.

The Cast


The Underground used to be a peaceful place until both 1WikiConstructionTemmie1's "daughters", Wiki Tem and Cinder, died. 1WikiConstructionTemmie1 declared war to get revenge on the humans for killing his kids. 1WikiConstructionTemmie1 has gathered 6 SOULs, and he needs one more before he can break the barrier and start battling the humans.

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