He İs The Guard. His Biggiest Enemy İs Fatal Sans Because Fatal Sans İs Bad Guy. And Fatal Papyrus İs Good Guy.

And Fatal Papyrus İs Justice Guard İn FatalTale.

Fatal Papyrus The Death Skeleton


Friends: All Good People/Monsters.

Enemys: All Bad People/Monsters.

Favorite Thinks: Blood, Killing, Pain, Strawberry Cake.

Hating Things: Evertything.

Fatal Papyrus

Unitale Mod:

Fatal Papyrus's Unitale Mod Doesn't Exits Yet. (You Can Play Fatal Sans's Unitale Mod Only.)

Fatal Sans's Wiki:

That's İt Leave A Comment! =) (Fatal Papyrus's Unitale Mod Doesn't Exits Please Wait For İt. Fatal Papyrus's Unitale Mod İ Can Share That Mod Soon.)

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