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Welcome to the fanmade songs and musics page!

Here you can post you hand-made song/music that you had created for an AU. Also don't put to many songs unrelated to AU like "Stronger than You". But if you can't find the song, add the link to the video where you can hear them.

Also, if you have already create a page for it, add his title and his link down here.

Songs/Music insertion template, example:

..Here you can describe the song, leitmotifs, why you made it.

..Note, for adding media:

..1- Use add photo to wiki, but upload an .ogg file instead of a picture.

..2- For adding music in audio, use this template: [[File:<Music/song_name>.ogg]] .

..3- Be sure to add the exact duration of the music.

..4- BPM is useless, but you can set it.

..5- For the picture, just upload one.

..6- Give it a name or invent one.

..7- Add the author if you find it somewhere.




All Songs sorted by AU

  1. None actually

Musics sorted by AU

  1. Underfell -> video
  2. Underswap -> video
  3. Storyshift -> video
  4. DanceTale --> video
  5. UnderWar ->
  7. 3 videos
  8. Storyspin -> video
  9. Swapfell -> video
  10. Reapertale -> video
  11. Understeam -> video
  12. Oceantale -> video
  13. Outertale -> video
  14. Chesstale -> video
  15. Dusttale -> video
  16. Underkeep -> video
  17. Mafiatale -> video
  18. Altertale -> video
  19. Littletale -> video
  20. Poketale -> video
  21. Errortale -> video
  22. ForgotFell -> video
  23. Underfresh -> video
  24. Inktale -> video
  25. Gemtale -> video
  26. Hardtale -> video
  27. Flowerfell -> video
  28. Humantale -> video
  29. Quantumtale -> video
  30. Storyspin -> video
  31. Taletwist -> video
  32. Undershuffle -> video
  33. Storyfell -> video
  34. Fabletilt -> UNKNOWN

Pfiou, too many AU!! Over 30! Too many Alternate Universe, amazing!

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