FandomSwap is a mix of the AUs FandomTale And Underswap. FandomSwap was made by fandom user Corly.

In this AU the characters are fandom users, and they switch roles with their respective partners in FandomTale. Chara Switches with Frisk, like Underswap.


NOTE: This page is still in progress along with FandomTale. If you want a role then go to FandomTale and ask for a role in that AU. Which will put you in this AU.

  • Chara = Corly (Has Frisk's role)
  • Sans = MickRunner (Has Swap!Sans's Role)
  • Undyne = TheNitroFlamer (Has Alphys role)
  • Frisk = Rlopkid23 (Has Chara's Role)
  • Muffet = UndertaleTrash3 (Grillby's role??)
  • Asriel / Flowey = Kkcantgetright (TEM ROLE and monster kid role too.. xD)
  • Alphys = Bone Apetit (Undyne's role)
  • Papyrus = TheUnderTaleFan355(Sans Role)
  • Mettaton = UndertaleTrash3's Older Brother, T.J., or OperationSliceNDice (Napstablook's Role)
  • Gaster = SomeRandomWriter (Has The River Person role)
  • Asgore = JuicyLovesMC (Toriel's Role)
  • Toriel = CaretakerCharmander339 (Asgore's Role)
  • Monster Kid = SylveonKid440 (Asriel's Role)
  • Mad Dummy = MadPikachu225 (Normal Dummy's Role)
  • Grillby = Createsans (Muffet's Role)
  • Glyde = ColtenEnsor06 (So Sorry's Role)

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