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*Have you thought about a world where everything is exactly the same...
*Except you don't exist?

This AU has no further presence online than this page.

FandomShiftSwap is an AU mix of Underswap, Storyshift and FandomTale. The creators of this AU are KKcantgetright7 and Corly.


  • Frisk = UndertaleTrash3's Older Brother, T.J., or OperationSliceNDice (Mettaton's role In FandomTale)
  • Sans = KKcantgetright7 (Asriel's role In FandomTale)
  • Papyrus = Corly (Chara's role In FandomTale)
  • Toriel = MickRunner (Sans' Role in FandomTale)
  • Mettaton = Bone Apetit (Alphys' Role in FandomTale)
  • Napstablook = TheNitroFlamer (Undyne's Role In FandomTale)
  • Asgore = TheUndertaleFan355 (Papyrus´ role in FandomTale)
  • Undyne = JuicyLovesMC (Asgore's role in FandomTale)

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