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Familytale is an Undertale AU that has the technology to teleport to different AUs, but in order for that to happen, two people have to go through the teleporter. Otherwise, they will be scattered among the multiverse.


There are different characters, some old ones that you all know and love, and others that you have never met. For example, if you have heard of Underfell then you remember Fell!Sans. Well, in this story, his name is Fell so that it doesn't get copyrighted. And he has a completely altered personality. The original Fell!Sans was... well, if you've read Underfell, then you know. But he still has his temper, only it's much more mellow and he is more calm. This is due to having to take care of a family of five, and if you're wondering who I matched him up with, well, I think this will blow your socks off- Chara. Now, I know what you're thinking: "How in the world did you get that to happen? She's a ghost and Fell is a skeleton." Well, that would be Frisk's doing. Now that the two of them are adults and have families of their own, they are much happier. And I also know that you are probably saying: "How?! Chara is a genocidal monster-slaying brother killer." Well, here's a bit of backstory. It was during a battle with a crazed human with immense power that forced Chara and Frisk to work together and defeat their enemy. And in doing so, they split into separate bodies and souls, and at this time Frisk had a 12-year-old girl to take care of.

Now we get to the next set of characters. Frisk and Sans. Now for all you Undertale fans that like to see Frisk and Sans paired up as a couple, well, your wish came true for most of you. They had a girl named leora. She has Sans's powers and Frisk's determination so it makes sense. Now, in the Familytale AU, Frisk's daughter is in her early twenties, and at this time the world had to be remade after a reset nearly sent everyone to the void and erased them from existence. And in the previous world they lived in, they had finally saved Asriel. But he had gotten older while being trapped in a flower body, so when they got him back, he was in his twenties as well. And that's when he had his first crush. Can you guess who it is? If you guessed Frisk's daughter, then you're right! If not, then good try. +1 for effort. But back to explaining what this AU is.

Now there are three new characters that I want to introduce to you all. First, J.C.N. Gaster and Amora Gaster and their daughter, Viola. Amora came from an unknown AU and J.C. descended from Gaster's side of the family. Viola, on the other hand, is J.C.'s successful attempt at getting a family from science, using some help from Amora's magic and his own DNA. That's why he looks similar to Gaster with his hands but has a gaping hole in the left side of his skull. But back to Viola. She is the interesting one in the family. She has hair that changes different hues of red depending on her mood. (I thought it would be cool to have that for her character trait.) Her mother, Amora, has red hair. J.C., on the other hand, is completely bald.

We still have Undyne as normal but with a slight twist. She leads a group of guards to protect the portal that leads to other AUs. chara has been learning more fighting skills from undyne. muffet is in the au, asgor, toriel, gaster, lusida (i dont know if she was made up or was part of cannon), papyrus and fell papyrus, alphys, and chara's and fell's kids.

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if you wish to read the story, message J.C.N.Gaster3 with your gmail and i'll give you access to read it.

p.s. im not trying to get peoples accounts, im telling people this cuz i dont know how to post the full 85 page story on this wiki.

i had posted the story on wattpad so people can read it. enjoy.

self made art (from author)

art that i made for everyone to see. let me know if you want more!

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