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Falltale is a WIP-Undertale AU made by I AM INSANITY.


This AU is set 10 years post neutral route. Frisk killed Toriel and Undyne. However, instead of Mettaton taking over, as he would in Undertale if Toriel and Undyne are killed, the underground breaks out into a civil war, with 2 factions: The Loyalists and The Survivalists. The Survivalists occupy everything up to the CORE. You, as the 9th Human to fall, are charged with ending the war, either by forcing a side into surrender or showing them peace and mercy.


The Loyalist Ending

In this ending, the player must kill the Survivalists, including Sans. After the player reaches The Ruler's Throne, they are confronted by the Ruler, who thanks the player for their actions.

The Survivalist Ending

In this ending, the player must kill only Loyalists. After they have killed the Ruler, They are confronted by Sans, who thanks them for their actions.

The Mercy Ending

In this ending, no one dies and the Civil War ends. Monsters go to the surface and stay there in harmony.

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