One day during a genocide run, sans was evacuating waterfall citizens when gerson pulled him in to his shop. Gerson showed sans the prophecy had changed

It now showed the angel had fallen and was corrupted by a evil spirt, doom the entire underground, but another angel would fall and save them when they need it most. Sans mainly ignored it until the final battle, frisk didnt look like they usally do, and looked more like chara, sans fought and the battle went as usual until sans was about to be hit. When chara went in for the kill, a human blocked the blow, sans the absorbed the soul and found he could reset. He reseted and was back in his bed. he steped out and tripped on a skeleton that look very similar to the human he saw. Sans then learned the human's name was xeno, and he had came down when he saw a vision of a evil demon killing everyone, and when they reseted their souls merged making xeno a skeleton. together with papyrus they managed to save the underground, at the cost of their freinds. Alone, they began to travel around the multiverse, saving Au's

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