FakeIllnessTale is where all of the characters have or had fictional illnesses. However, illnesses will be changed slightly to match the storyline (i.e. the illnesses being curable). This AU was created by Fuhuhuhuhu.

Characters and their Illnesses


Chara had Lavender Town Syndrome. You've probably already heard of this one, but in case you haven't:


Asriel had Hanahaki Disease. This disease is when a character has one-sided love for another, and pukes flower petals. This resulted in Asriel's downfall, and is the cause of him turning into Flowey.


Flowey no longer had Hanahaki Disease, Instead, Asriel fell into a coma while transforming into Flowey. When he woke up, he wanted to kill l=all adults. This is, ironically, what the actual illness is.


Frisk has "the Flare". This disease infects the brain, turning the victim into a blood-thirsty cannibal. However, when they fall into the Underground, this in neutralized for the time because there are no humans. During a Genocide Route, Frisk will kill and eat both humans and monsters.


Sans had Pale Mare. This disease is transmitted through water, and it causes diarrhea and intestinal bleeding. He died and came back to life as a skeleton.


Papyrus had Red Death. This disease has you bleed from your pores until you die. He came back to life as a skeleton.


Alphys has DX, a disease where sheep are fed to baby dinosaurs and the baby dinosaurs become immortal.


Undyne has Salt Plague. This disease feeds from the salt from your body, and you start to crave the blood of others. She manages to keep it hidden.


Mettaton has "Everything Is An Undertale Reference Syndrome". Everything is an Undertale reference to him.

~More information Coming Soon~


The locations are basically the same, but here are the changes

The Ruins are more childlike, and in Chara's and Asriel's room there is a laptop, and toys are strewn everywhere. The picture frame is no longer there.

New Home is covered in vines, crumbling, and there is nothing inside. It plays a sad, melancholic tune and the chain is already unlocked.

Snowdin is in the process of melting. It's very slippery, and the only way to stop slipping is to get the Golden Skates from the shopkeeper in Snowdin. The houses somehow float in midair.

Waterfall is polluted. It is now gray and the water is black and murky. The Echo Flowers are covered in red and pink flower petals. The Abandoned Quiche Room is no longer there. Instead, it throws you into the most polluted water in the Underground and you die from a plastic net trapping your foot, pulling you down into the abysmal depths of the sea and in your lsast moments, you feel another skeleton as you-

AHEM! A cutscene plays as you drift under the water, and then the game over screen plays, with Frisk's SOUL cracking as always.

True Lab has boxes and other things scattered around. It has a glitchy feeling to it.

Hotland, the Capital, MTT Resort, and the CORE are exactly the same.


  • This was based loosely off of Mentaltale and Illnesstale.
  • There are a lot of Pokemon/Pokemon Creepypasta references in this (Lavender Town Syndrome; Ruins design; True Lab). This is because i was listening to B/W N's Room on loop the entire time that I was making this.
  • I came up with the idea for this while listening to Lavender Town and designing new OCs (because.).

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