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FNaF.Undertale is a crossover AU between Five Nights at Freddy's, FNaF World, Sister Location and Undertale. The AU is created by Child-of-Sun-Flowers on DeviantART.


The story follows the same idea as Undertale but most of the characters are a mix between their FNaF character and the Undertale character they replace. In this the locations are also replaced with other locations, for example; Waterfall is the Painted Falls and Hotland is Underland.


Here is a list of which Undertale character is replaced with which FNaF character.

Plushie Fredbear (The Empty One Role)

Like Mark and Mable he (Michael) came from the real world but was put into the FNaF.Undertale after the events of FNaF 3 possibly. there both his sister and himself (FNaF.Undertale is pretty much the after life) where taken in by Spring Bonnie and Fredbear with them they lived a happy life until in an attempt to break the barrier and get to the afterworld (NOT the real world, the afterworld is where all the animatronics want to go. it’s a little like heaven. They all want to be set free.) he gets harmed on in his attempt world and went back to the underground to die with his favorite plushie in his hand (Plushie Fredbear). Some parts of Michael memories got stuck into the plushie. After the experiments Mangle did with this plushie, he walked away without Mangle’s knowledge. He tried to find Fredbear and later Spring Bonnie but noticed he couldn’t feel anything and run away from them both. Much like Flowey he tried out every route possible and becomes a murderous plushie with the moto, “It’s kill or be killed”.

Minor roles


  • A comic was planned for this AU but it later got cancelled.
  • Originally William Afton took the role of Asriel.
  • The soul in the FNaF.Undertale logo is Michael's soul.


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