FIXED sans
FIXED Sans is a Robotic sans made by Dr. Gaster in the FIXED AU. This is sans during the regular Undertale route, after multiple genocide routes, Gaster takes him secretly, and experiments with him. Eventually, Gaster figured out that a regular monster body could not withstand any amount of determination. so he makes sans into a Cyborg, sans, still alive, kills Toriel, captures papyrus, kills Undyne, and murders all neutral monsters who don't attack, he also chops Toriel into pieces when he starts losing sanity. His jaw is broken on purpose by Gaster so sans wont tell his enemies what his next attack is, while fighting Undyne, that is what he did. while fighting FIXED sans he wails constantly, unable to speak regularly, crying and wailing as he pulverizes you.


FIXED sans has all the regular abilities as sans, and more! He has the ability to reset your game if he kills you directly, for he does not have enough determination himself to do it, his bones can act as tentacles and wave around, bouncing off walls or smashing through steel. his body is as hard as Mettaton's square body, so he is really hard to kill. he has this ability to change the color of your heart. there are 5 colors he can change it into. blue, yellow, red, orange, and grey. when turned blue, you are affected by gravity, when red you can float freely, when orange all of your moves are backwards, when yellow you become a shooter, and when you are grey, your soul becomes slightly bigger and makes it hard to move. he cant use this form very often though, it expends a great amount of energy.


  • FIXED Sans new clothes came from a discoloration, in an experiment when Gaster was trying to change his physical makeup he discolored his eye and clothes. making his eye ONLY a teal color and changing his clothes.
  • All the human souls are inside sans. Gaster took them after Asgore died and put them in his right eye. since only his robot counterpart held the DT he didn't transform into anything.
  • FIXED Sans offical theme (i asked) is here: all credit goes to FlamesAtGames.
  • Gaster is the father of sans, but only Sans remembers, Gaster lost all memory of emotional bonds when he fell into the core.
  • Even though sans has cracks in his skull, they are the opposite of Gasters. same with papyrus. the left eye has the upwards crack instead of the right. (i made him:D)

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