FIXED Papyrus is a Papyrus in the FIXED AU. FIXED Papyrus is the only person rather than sans, Napstablook, and Flowey, to still be alive. however, he is still robotic, in his chest armor is his body crushing ribs, his jaw was broken off because of the same reason sans was broken, he kept on warning people of where he was going to attack. He has constant dust and blood on him, although it is unknown where the blood came from. although, we have seen sans bleed, so maybe monsters can bleed. his belt was changed into a sort of tracking device, because he tends to wander. papyrus is in a constant state of anguish and sadness. if you kill him, his eyes flash and his regular body fades to dust while his metal parts stay and turn into a pile of Scrap.


  • Papyrus now has a new eye that can blast red attacks, red attacks do the same thing as sans' regular bone attacks, except you don't get a purple bar, it is just constant damage.
  • he now can capture you in his chest and crush you
  • the edges of his bones (knees, elbows) are sharpened for more dangerous hits
  • his level​ is at 5
  • there is no way of stopping him rather than killing him
  • he can switch your heart from blue to red as many times as he wants.
  • he now can throw your blue heart, but cannot change its direction. for example, sans' regular final attack makes you go sideways, with papyrus he can throw you, but he cant make you go sideways or upside down, you will always land on bottom.

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