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About the AU

FIXED is an AU that sets after multiple Genocide routes during Undertale, before the human shows up,Dr. W.D Gaster takes Sans, and through torturous sessions, turns him into a robot that unleashes his full power, after giving sans some tests, he sets sans out on the code, KILL. CAPTURE. FIX. Sans then goes on a killing spree from waterfall to snowdin; killing every monster he sees and sending them to Gaster. Who gives them LV and turns them into mindless killing machines.


Toriel is killed by sans and turned into an abomination that will capture you in its spiked chest cavity and crush you to death.

Flowey seems to be missing until you find them at the end, hiding in sans body. Flowey does not escape the underground, but rather, dissapears and never returns.

Napstablook seems to be mssing, though you do encounter a rock that is possessed. supposedly napstablook.

Alphys is dead (UNKNOWN). you can find her lab, but its completely trashed.

Papyrus was defeated but not killed and now still lives but is controlled by Gaster, he has broken parts and has 2 marks down from his eyesockets to his mouth, supposedly from tears. he is the only person to have his (almost) original colors

Undyne is dead and now looks the same except she is always in her Genocide form. her spears are now red.

Asgore was threw into the core by accident during a battle between him and FIXED Undyne.

Mettaton can be found as a pile of metal, when read it says "just a pile of worthless scrap... and some glitter."

Sans is now lv 20 and has an ability called color swap, where he can change the color of your heart into ANY COLOR and can do it as much as he wants, he can also destroy and load save files. his jaw is broken so he doesnt make any noise except nonsense.

Gaster IS papyrus' and sans' father. he is just corrupted. He is the main enemy, you must destroy him using only determination and no weapons, then everyone can be free.


  • Everyone sports new basic colors except sans and papyrus (sans requested papyrus not to be changed). those colors are grey, red, black, and white. but sans sports blue, white, yellow, and black
  • There is no way to save anyone, killing them is the nicest thing you could do in that universe.
  • No matter what, all monsters will try to kill you. only until you flee or kill them can you exit battle.
  • if you get killed by sans, your game resets.
  • multiple monsters are missing, all casual monsters you don't get into battle with are gone.
  • All monsters are machines with a trace amount of determination.
  • Only 3 monsters now live, even though they are still controlled, sans and papyrus are alive. they have zero sanity though. and Napstablook is the rock you find.
  • all monsters after they die turn into a pile of metal, if you read it during the genocide route it says; "just a worthless pile of scrap now." in pacifist it says "a metal Heap, like it should be. just metal."


Sans gets controlled by Dr gaster and is made to kill everyone. Gaster gave him a decision to save 1 person, he saved papyrus. Once you get down into the ruins all monsters are mechanical, there is no whimsun or moldsmalls. No weak creatures, once you meet Toriel, she looks normal until he tries to kill you before you enter her house. She turns into an abomination, with her head upside down, half of her legs go onto the sides of her body, the other half stays on the ground, her arms turn freakishly long, and she cackles and clicks when she moves. She moves like the dog amalgamate. When you leave you meet sans right when you get out of the ruins. Immediately he does sans first attack in undertale and stops, then dissapears. All puzzles can kill you, and the color puzzle now works. once you meet papyrus he has a lv of 5. if you kill him you see flash come from inside, he short circuits, and dies. you keep going, onionsan is gone, shyren is gone, and other very weak waterfall creatures are gone. when you meet undyne she immediately charges you into battle, no fleeing. you kill her, move onto sans and from there you either reset because you die, or you defeat him, and he dies like papyrus, then you must fight gaster, who is relatively easy to beat, easier than sans, just tricky. then. in the end. you are not able to leave because you have no monster soul to crack open the barrier. then. slowly. the character starves to death. That is the main ending. It is possible for the monsters to be revived after multiple times in the FIXED timeline.

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