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EvilDead-Tale is an AU made by TheNitroFlamer and has been adopted by SpirtlyTaken. It is a mix of Undertale and the horror movie franchise 'The Evil Dead.'


The events of EvilDead-Tale follows the story of the original Evil Dead trilogy. For more information of the stories, check the links below or find a copy of the movies and watch them. (TNF recommends the second option, due to how good he finds the movie to be).

The first night at the cabin

Events based on 'The Evil Dead'.

The story starts with Sans, his brother Papyrus and his friends Frisk, Undyne, and Alphys taking a trip to an isolated cabin in the woods. They run into a sudden sudden scare as the bridge near the cabin begins to collapse as they cross. In the cabin they come across a weird book. In curiosity, they read the book, only to be possessed by an ancient demon, which one by one causes each of them to die, leaving only one survivor, that being Sans, who was left stranded in the cabin after burning the book.

The second night

Events based on 'Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn.'

The story continues with Sans getting possessed by the demon, only to be released from it's control by the coming of dawn. He remains at the cabin, only for the deceased body of Frisk to come back to life and attack Sans, biting his right hand. Sans dismembers the remains of Frisk, and soon after gets attacked by his own hands, forcing him to sever it with a chainsaw. After Sans temporarily loses his mind, four more people, Toriel, Asgore, Asriel and Chara arrive at the cabin to learn more about the book that started the mess, only to find Sans. When they arrive at the cabin and see the dismembered remains of each other character, they lock Sans in the cellar, only for a deadite Flowey to rise and attack Sans. Sans is let out of the cellar, only for Toriel, Asgore and Asriel to inevitably get possessed by the demon and meet their doom. Chara reveals a few extra pages which can return the evil to where it came from. Sans gets ready to fight the remaining deadite by fixating the chainsaw to his hand and getting a shotgun. Sans manages to defeat the deadite and Chara recites the passage from the pages, only to be attacked by Sans' severed hand. Chara dies but finishes the incantation opening a portal to 1300 A.D, which takes the evil, as well as Sans, out of the time period.

Trapped in 1300 A.D

Events based on 'Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness.'

~STORY WIP (Due to lack of characters to use in certain roles)~



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  • TNF considered making an AU based on a horror movie, but he didn't know which one to base it on. He was considering AUs based on 'Friday the 13th,' 'Halloween,' or 'A Nightmare on Elm Street.' He eventually set on making one based on the Evil Dead movies. He was inspired to make the AU after watching the original Evil Dead trilogy.
    • TNF will potentially make another horror movie based AU, but he most likely won't do it any time soon.
      • If TNF ever makes another horror film based AU he will try and make it to have Papyrus as the main character.
  • The events of EvilDead-Tale will not cover the events of the 2013 remake or the TV series 'Ash VS Evil Dead.'
    • TNF will potentially create a version of EvilDead-Tale based on the 2013 remake if/when he watches the remake.
    • TNF will not make a version of EvilDead-Tale based on 'Ash VS Evil Dead' until the series comes to an end.
    • SpirtlyTaken didn't want Alphys to play the role of Shelly as the spirit felt that Alphys and Shelly had conflicting personality differences, but he's stated that in this AU that Alphys doesn't have the "unique" attitude Shelly displayed. Spirtly has similar feelings towards Papyrus.

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