Ethan usually presented as the protagonist, however he is known for his passion for guns and helping his friends.



he is a human with blonde hair, wears a white T-shirt with a Starman symbol witch is covered by a baby blue polo witch is open an has a metal arm that looks like a skeleton on his Left arm. wears brown shorts Dark blue vans.


he likes watching movies with friends mainly zombie or horror ones. but sometimes likes alone time and may read some Hentai magozine.


it was 1999 he was fighting in a Civil war but their plane crashed and fell underground and met Bone and showcard along his way.



he seems to question bones actions but other than that they watch horror movies and have a good time together.


they always seems to get in a fight or mess but at the end of the day they laugh and the next day cause chaos all over again.


he loves tricking her because of her dumb behavior and always makes her run away in shame, over than that he sort of likes her.


he loves watching INSANE ZOMBIE PIRATES FROM HELL together but sometimes thinks he was the recantation of his dead twin brother.


they don't talk much but he likes her and draws her in Hentai


he likes Ntirus and thinks hes really cool since he likes some vampire movies

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