"Oh Jeez! he's coming! " -Scora before meeting Disbelief Papyrus

Scora takes the role of herself in OC!Tale being the twin sister of Mae and the younger sister of Disbelief Papyrus.


Scora has a pink jumper with no shoulder protection and a red holding item. She has a blue ribbon tied around her waste above her black shorts. Similar to Mae, she has red boots only covering her feet.


Mae shares a huge strength of determination and tries to impress her brother. She is scared of her own brother and keeps nothing a secret from him occasionally ending up blurting secrets out. Rarely, she can be vicious with both siblings if in an angered mood ( in-game, this only happens after passing Comic Forest doing the Sensed Genocide route ).

In Battle

Similar to Mae, Scora's only battle is when Disbelief Papyrus summons the ghost souls of Mae and Scora. Her attacks involve an onslaught of knives launching at the players soul. She can also shrink the fighting arena making the player barely able to move.



Scora's Twin sister, she occasionally tries to tell her what to do

Disbelief Papyrus

Scora's Older Brother, she usually tries to impress him


Scora's friend, it turned out to be a forced friendship after Paps and I!F!Undyne became friends.

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