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Errortale is a destroyer AU created by Tumblr user, Lover Of Piggies. It has Error!Sans, who is the destroyer of universes that are "blips on the radar", apparently such as Underswap.

About the AU

Sans is present as the trash can, destroying worlds that aren't supposed to exist, the worlds that Dream and Ink protect. This AU connects to many others, so it's best to get to know some other AUs before you jump into this one. In this AU, Sans is insane. He is bent on destroying all AUs and things he considers 'glitches' or 'mistakes' in the multi-verse. He uses blue strings to tie up and shatter souls, and can jump from one universe to another, as well as having several other glitchy powers/quirks.

Papyrus, on the other hand, is trying to find his brother and helping him destroy all the AUs that arent supposed to exist which Dream and Ink protect. He is hidden in all of the AUs game files and he is stuck there, trying to escape that game. In one of the game files he meets Underswap!Papyrus and develops romantic feelings for him. And has now developed the nickname EP from Underswap!Papyrus.

Undyne, well, she goes on and on to find Sans and Papyrus, and later when she found Sans, she refuses to help Sans destroy other AUs. After she helped Sans, she always tries to find papyrus, and is hidden in one of Outertale's game files.

Character Design


See Error!Sans for more information.


(there is not enough information on this character to make accurate assumtions)


(there is not enough information on this character to make accurate assumtions)


(Fanon. Doesn't exist officially yet within Errortale)


(Fanon. Doesn't exist officially yet within Errortale)


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