The Error Sanss group is a group of elite Sanss that are more stronger and complex then the other glitches. This team was created/established by Error404. This group doesn't destroy Aus , but takes resources from them and gives them to Error404.

  • Do Not Add any other Characters*

" We are not the same as the others we are more...powerful broken!!!. "  - Error Sanss


This team of glitches were gathered by Error404 and are working him as well. They're only reason for being here is to serve him. They gather resources from AU's and bring them back to Error404's realm. This team was made shortly after Error's submission, once he was beaten the went after Fatal_Error and then Error404 created Error69 and then the team was made whole.

Controlling Fatal_Error and the creation of Error69.

The way Error404 controls Fatal_Error is that he uses his strings not only on his soul but on his mind giving him full control over his loyalty and power. Error404 created Error69 from Error!Sans's killing intent. Error69 was made to be not better than Error!Sans but just as good.


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