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EraTale is an AU by "silverthetoaster" on Tumblr. It allows Time Travel in the game, whether you want to go to a Futuristic Underground, or perhaps travel to an Underground that specializes in magic. The game will have two separate files, one for a future Underground and another for a historical Underground.


Like Undertale, EraTale is a story where your decisions can progress the game, resulting in many endings. Asriel Dreemurr helps you travel through different eras of the Underground. However, Frisk makes a mistake while time traveling, and it alters the Undertale timeline.

The lore is still being built and has been said to introduce a new area, along with characters and an updated battle system

Characters and Locations

  • Like Undertale, the original cast will be reintroduced with new backstories, modernizing them a little bit more. Every character has a new appearance to their appropriate era
  • You can expect the main locations (Ruins, Snowdin, Waterfall, Hotland (Core), and New Home to have a drastic new appearance, along with new puzzles and traps similar to our modern day equivalents or historical equivalents.
  • And there will be more dog related shenanigans!


EraTale will have a remixed soundtrack of Undertale (silverthetoaster has not said if he plans to make the music himself), along with new music for the areas and characters pending to be introduced.


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