UTAUWTAlphasaith Pixel Art
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Colour Undertale Version UTAUWikiTale Version
Red Bandage Paint
Cyan Faded Ribbon Lavender Ribbon
Orange Manly Bandanna Blotting Paper
Blue Old Tutu Tattered Dungarees
Purple Cloudy Glasses Rose-tinted Glasses
Green Stained Apron Unchanged
Yellow Cowboy Hat Headlamp
Red Heart Locket Earmuffs
Red The Locket Headphones
NA Temmie Armour Echo Chamber


Colour Undertale Version UTAUWikiTale Version
Red Stick Brush
Cyan Toy Knife Squeaky Hammer
Orange Tough Glove Soaked Glove
Blue Ballet Shoes Steel Toed Shoes
Purple Torn Notebook Torn Sketchbook
Green Burnt Pan Cold Teapot
Yellow Empty Gun Spray Can
Red Worn Dagger Shabby Mallet
Red Real Knife Ban Hammer

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