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Endertale takes place after a Pacifist run. Sometime between the barrier being broken and the time Endertale takes place, Frisk gave up half of their SOUL to change Flowey back into Asriel. Endertale takes place 3 years after Undertale. The plot revolves around Chara trying to get Frisk to reset due to them abandoning the Genocide run.



Frisk is about the same as they were in Undertale. Frisk is just a bit taller, they also wearing a jacket like Sans and a smaller Papyrus-style scarf, Frisk can also use fire magic. They are being taunted by Chara to reset.


Asriel often has nightmares about turning into Flowey. He finds out that Chara is doing something to Frisk.


Not much is known about them. They are trying to force a reset out of Frisk so they can "fix the mess that Frisk made."

AU hopping

It's the same AU but Frisk has a power to hop over to different AUs.