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Enderswap takes place after a pacifist run. Sometime between the barrier being broken and the time Enderswap takes place, Chara gave up half of their SOUL to monster kid bring back. Enderswap takes place 3 months after Underswap. The plot revolves around Frisk trying to get Chara to reset due to them abandoning the genocide run.



Chara is about the same as they were in Underswap. Chara is just a bit taller, they also wearing a hoodie like papyrus and a smaller sans style bandana, Chara can also use ice magic. They are being taunted by Frisk to reset

Monster Kid

MK for short has nightmares about turning into Temmie. He finds out that Frisk is messing up Chara.


Not much is known about them. They are trying to force a reset out of Chara so they can "fix the mess that Chara made."



Papyrus accidentally teleported them their


were Toriel and Asgore decide to remarry and a brother (a male astell couldn't think of a swap)

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