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Template:Dialogue Endershift takes place after a pacifist run. Sometime between the barrier being broken and the time Endershift takes place, Shifty gave up half of their SOUL to bring Boogie back as Napstablook. Endershift takes place 3 years after Storyshift. The plot revolves around Mettacrit trying to get Shifty to reset due to them abandoning the genocide run.


Shifty (Frisk)

Shifty is about the same as they were in Storyshift. Shifty is just a bit taller, they also wearing a jacket like Chara and a rainbow scarf, Shifty can also use DT magic. They are being taunted by Mettacrit to reset.


Napstablook has dreams about turning into Boogie. He finds out that Mettacrit is doing something to Shifty.


Not much is known about them. They are trying to force a reset out of Shifty so they can "fix the mess that Shifty made."

Extra info

Shifty: she doesn't speak human only wingdings since the fall broke her voice box.



Chara teleported him and Shifty there on accident


sans asks Asgore if he could have a another son to be happy and he created Gaster

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