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Enderfell is a AU that has three types.

Fell version of Endertale (OFFICIAL)


Bone Apetit:There is no known plot for the AU, other than Enderfell!Frisk failed to bring back Asriel, and Enderfell!Frisk isn't as sweet since they are trained under Papyrus. The monsters are free, but they are keep to themselves and rarely interact with humans.

TC-96:So the fell crew are on the surface now, but they are more secluded and hesitant to mix it up with humans just yet. They live around the base of Ebott and have established their own village, at least until they figure out their manners a bit better. Fell!Frisk failed to bring Asriel back to life so they have Flowey sticking around instead, and they also live with Sans and Papyrus. Toriel and, they aren't quite right in the head just yet to be taking care of a kid again, and honestly despite Papyrus being tyrannical and nuts, him and Sans are the safest monsters to be around (Alphys would most likely dissect them and Undyne would use them as a punching bag) and actually do a decent job at taking care of the kid. Besides, Frisk would rather be with them than humans.


Like we said, there is no known plot for the AU, including the characters. Only people we see is Enderfell!Frisk and Enderfell!Flowey. Enderfell!Frisk isn't as sweet as used to be, since they are trained under Papyrus. (who is a little nicer)

Enderfell!Frisk's design is Underfell!Frisk, wearing a black sweater, and a single red stripe. They also wear, like Endertale!Frisk, they wear Sans and Papyrus outfit, but underfell. With two scars in their cheek, and also wearing Papyrus' boots. And wears brown shorts.

Fanmade plot ( Still the same, Fell version of Endertale. )


This is the other type of Enderfell, its free-style. And its not canon to the plot. ((plot is in progress)

Enderfel!Frisk isnt so sweet as (endertale) and due to training with papyrus, their fire magic was increased significantly (to much she looks like a fire bender) , and their more powerful than her swap and normal counterparts, enderfell1frisk watches over sans while papyrus is away (sans/papyrus still have a bad brothership). Enderfell!Flowey, They would be the same to Underfell!Flowey, be surprised of Enderfell!frisk's actions.

Enderfell!toriel would have 2 sides one side being very clingy not wanting to be lonely again and her normal side which is Toriel from UT, fails at making pies. Every time she makes pies, she always put wrong ingredients ( Instead of Flour, Flowers. ) She may not be smart since she don't know how put half of a ingredient, she just put it all instead.

Enderfell!sans he is still like UF!sans but hes more chill and safe hes still edgy with the gun in his pocket he helps frisk with there training as well. but he will still be yelled and hit by his boss (papyrus) time to time

Enderfell!Papyrus is less aggressive, but he still yells at sans for calling him bro. and he helps frisk with their magic and brute strength.

Enderfell!Undyne she was was a cop but being in the underfell universe she let out every person in prison and arrested good people. when the police office found out she was fired and found the criminals she released and made a gang called THE BLACK FISH. were they make military items, she helps frisk with physical weapons like knifes and guns.

Enderfell!Alphys she wants to dissect frisk and test on her since she was still angry when she broke her killing machine and she could create a deadly weapon with frisk soul. shes in Undynes gang making Militarily items.

Enderfell!mettaton He still stays in his box form he has a deep web site called blackout-JOKES were he says all kind of dark jokes. (you don't really see him in endertale so he might have a little appearance in that)

Enderfell!Napstablook he still hates his cousin mettaton and thinks everyones trash even himself his only appearence would be something like this "Hey napstablook may i lay down with you/" frisk asks npastablook replies "Ok sure you can lay with me since were all pieces of garbage"

Enderfell!Asgore is now nice, but still mean. He stay away from humans, but it takes time for him to develop feelings for them.

The Comic ( Not fell version of Endertale )

its after underfell!frisk sacrificed her soul to free everyone and sans returns time to time gone back underground and he made jokes to echo flowers they sometimes smiled but Another one it laughed and told him jokes. then one day nobody came

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