Sans and Papyrus grew up in a harsh environment and have only a couple of friends left to help them through the world they grew up in. Now that every things changed since the queen left things have gotten worse and when things get worse you become better.


This Sans appears to be wearing a Black hood and he also has different color pupils the left is red and the right is green. he wears a white shirt and also has a nice pair of black shorts with black slippers.


EndTale!Sans has a bad habit of biting his fingers when he's nervous and he also loves the taste of syrup and his favorite food is obviously pancakes. Since he grew up in a harsh environment he has to act tough and that he does EndTale!Sans acts tough,but actually he loves making friends and is actually shy. He shows his emotions through how tough he is.


Big Buster

This is when Sans summons half of a dragon skeleton to shoot out fire and plasma at you.

Dg: 110

Mega Buster

This is when Sans instead of half summons a full black dragon skeleton to fight for him and shoot out void cannons and attack you with it's teeth and claws.


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