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Emptytale is an Undertale AU in which Frisk arrives to a (all but) lifeless underground.

Major Characters: Frisk, Sans, Papyrus (head-of), Soul of Justice, Soul of Integrity, Chara [DECEASED].


During Alphys' experimentation with determination, a demonstration was given, and Alphys injected Flowey's flower with Determination whilst still in the throne room. As Chara awoke from the flower, they were able to latch onto the soul of a nearby Boss Monster, caught of guard, Chara destroyed Asgore's soul in an instant and took control of Asgore's husk, Asriel too, was pulled into the body. Filled with rage at their own death, Chara flew into a murderous rampage quickly killing Alphys, before absorbing the souls of four of the deceased humans, who still felt anger over their deaths, whilst leaving the ones who did not.

All but Integrity and Justice were absorbed:

Integrity had long since forgiven Asgore for their death, and Justice had felt their (Asgore's) actions were justified.

Chara was able to kill most of New Home and Hotland's inhabitants relatively unhindered, and only encountered true opposition in the form of Undyne at the entrance to Waterfall.

Though injured by Undyne and the Royal Guard, Chara was able to destroy them. And continued to Snowdin, intent on slaying one monster in particular.

Snowdin fell without resistance to Chara, and it was only at the entrance to the ruins, that another fight appeared, Papyrus defended the entrance to the ruins with Sans. The battle was long and hard fought, but ended with Papyrus' head being severed from his body and Sans being mortally wounded.

Chara then destroyed the ruins door, and proceeded to enact his revenge against Asriel, watching his mother die by their own hand.

Sans, wounded as he was, went in search of help, following a voice, he was lead to the castle. There he encountered Justice and Integrity, who realized that a monster would soon be unleashed on the human world if they didn't act. Sans absorbed their souls to recover from his wounds and gain the power to stop Chara.

Sans was unable to save anyone from Chara's rampage, by the time he had recovered, Chara had come full circle and was ready to leave the underground. Chara realized what had happen when they arrived in the throne room, Sans' anger at the loss of everyone he had ever known fueled him with anger, and he fought Chara to the death.

Sans was able to beat Chara through effective dodging of their attacks, and targeting the human souls individually, after destroying all four, he struck down Chara, destroying Asgore and Asriel as well.

Sans returned to his brother's body, only to find his brother had survived decapitation, he existed only now as a head.

Sans, along with Justice, Integrity and Papyrus, are now trying to find a way to undo the genocide caused by Chara.

Frisk's Arrival: 

A long time after Charas rampage, the seventh human arrives in the underground, they fall on a patch of wilted golden flowers that disintergrate into dust upon being touched. The entirety of the ruins is in a state of disrepair, dust (both monster and otherwise) covers it, the traps no longer function, and all plant life has long sinced wilted without the care of Toriel.

The ruin's of Home are now truly just that ruins, with building having fallen over and crumbled away over time, Toriel's house is empty, books sit alongside an armchair that is covered in a thick layer of dust.

Frisk begins to feel very, very alone at this point, and upon exiting the ruins, they are met with the sight of a snowy forest, which takes them a few hours to traverse, and upon arriving in Snowdin, they are met with the first signs of life they have seen since entering the underground; A house, standing two stories high, without any sign of wear and tear.

Frisk readilly enters the house, and finds a very large amount of spaghetti, which doesn't taste awful.

Despite the spaghetti being fresh, Frisk leaves in search of the owner, heading to Waterfall.

Waterfall is filled with the sounds of monsters begging for mercy, the Echo flowers play the last moments of monsters who had tried to run, fight or beg, but the end result was the same for all of them.

This is where Frisk meets Sans; who is currently mourning the loss of his friends, when Sans sees Frisk, he breifly wonders if he has gone crazy. Before moving through Waterfall towards Hotland.

Frisk follows Sans through the macabre memorial to the undergrounds residents.

When Frisk arrives at Hotland, he watches Sans enter a large laboratory, which, after some debate, he enters.

Upon entering, he is shocked to see a Skeleton's head hovering on a disk of some sort, whilst bragging about the quality of his cooking skills.

Sans shrugs and calls Papyrus a bonehead.

Then they notice Frisk. Papyrus asks Sans if that's what he thinks it is, Sans says that it looks like a laboratory door, which makes Papyrus upset, "but what's that infront of the door?" Sans then says.

Differences from canon Undertale:

  • Shortly after the sixth human was killed, Chara's soul gained possession of Asgore's body.
  • Chara absorbed four out of six of the captured human's souls.
  • Chara slaughtered the Undergrounds inhabitants, sparing no one, only Sans and Papyrus survived.
  • Sans was able to absorb the two souls who had not fused with Chara; Integrity and Justice.
  • Sans destroyed Chara and the other human souls in a confrontation at the Gate.

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