"The former human now demon with a dark past that didn't make it into the Sins, cause' lust and fear were taken"



Elizabeth is a  female shadow demon from S.T's broken universe. She was formerly Elizabeth Warren, the main antagonist of Origins of S.T, and a female human


She likes to scare people who are frightened easily. She acts superior to most, as she uses the title Queen of Hell and treats people however she wants.


Originally Elizabeth Laurenhahl, she became the Queen of Hell after accessing the Spider Amulet (Origins of S.T). She then became a demon-human hybrid. The basic plot fell into play and at the universes collapse she escaped like S.K,Fell!S.T,MV!Frisk,AltMV!Flowey,Error!S.T and MV!Chara (Plot Office). Instead of having her own body, she shared one with Swap and was known as True!Swap (deleted page). When S.T became weak from draining his own life force to supply energy to something (The Last Stand), the curse that kept her in Swap's body was weakened and broken. She became a shadow demon.


Elizabeth can manipulate her appearance in any way other than color, as her whole body (includes "clothes") must always be pitch-black. She can turn 2-Dimensional, and become a shadow on the floor, or 3-Dimensional. In both she appears to wear a trench coat, generic pants, a generic long sleeve shirt, a fedora, and a parousel. From time to time a flower appears in her hat or hand.



She can eat shadows, turn into your shadow, travel through shadows (which is how she survives), and make shadows change shape or appear in different places.

  2-D & 3-D

She can turn into a shadow (2-D) which grants her immunity to physical attacks and fast travel, or she can become 3-D with a solid changeable body. This grants her abiltiy to have physical interactions.

  Shadow Knife

Shadow Knives are knives that appear like you shadow, on the ground and untouchable, but on hitting you does physical damage and is nearly impossible to remove.

  Mind Tricks

She has some control over S.T's actions and can tell him what to do as long as no one breaks S.T from his daze


  Easily Seduced

Simply put.

  3-D Form 

She takes actual physical damage but all damage is cut in half.

  Extreme Light

She can overcome most light but an extreme amount of light can make her leave.


  • Replaces True!Swap's original idea
  • Is sexually interested in Dread

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