she is a minor character but she loves playing fun games with you but she is shy and you do not battle her this time you have a quick talk then she takes care of Edd

she is meant to help by Paul's orders while he is setting up Edds room she plays with you



she is the cousin of Patryk (who is the mad dummy) she lives in the shelter with paul


her ghost color is baby blue and he has the hair as underswap mettaton with a ponytail on her back.

Her house

its like napstablooks but instead of her making music she loves drawing (and shes really good at it)

Zails racing

Zails (zombie snails) is like the exact same race as before



she was the first caller after the beauty competition saying how she like Matt


she hasn't seen him in a long while and when you mention him he instantly spares you.


she was told to protect him and she did


He let her stay with him in the shelter after the zombeh attack and sometimes he gives orders to her but other than that there best buds.

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