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i like ladies i wish they like me but when i capture i am sure they will like me hahahahaha!
— on the first puzzle-John
Template:Dusty'sCharacterTemplatehim and tom are different there not brothers there roommates (or housemates i guess) but they still have a bond with each other. and since tom never makes puns he likes them.


John is the sentry in Grassyland near the shelter John frequently serves as comic relief due to his overzealous nature and hes smart but a normally he lack intelligence and is scared around Eduardo


since hes not a skeleton he cant summon bones so he has to ask tom for his Harpoons to attack you.



hes a good roommate sometimes Todd wont buy him more beers so john buys them for him and Tom may return him something like harpoons to capture Edd


he is scared of him since hes his boss (basically uf papyrus) and makes him do orders


after there battle they had a date which was really weird so when they meet they loose words


he made goods friends Todd and he always gets the beers Tom wants.

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