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Todd is Grillby since Todd is the only known bar tender in eddsworld.


when you brought something and eat/drink it he tells you a story

Story 1

"one day a bandit came but this person someone like you shot him but then the person was killed by on of the bandits lackeys and i was gonna serve him some Cola"

Story 2

"how we got cola was on weird day Tom was drunk then after he came back from hell he found a fridge full of these things called Cola and we sold them there pretty fresh and nice its only $3.00 a glass"

Story 3

"one day John came to buy a drink but when i looked i saw tom waiting outside because he is allowed a certain amount of beers and then i realized why he came there after i threw tom out"

Story 4

"this one happened recently a flower came and said "you got any Hentai?" he was ok but when sunshine lolly pops played he flipped out and never came back again"



he gives toms 3-5 beers a day and toms his best customer coming every day


he gives john beers which john secretly gives to Tom


he asked for hentai then he said no he flipped out and left


Edd listens to todds story's and Edd may crack a puns here and there

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