Edd takes the role of Frisk and a couple of things have changed about Him like how he wont attack anyone unless their zombies (you have to kill them no matter what)

Big change

pacifist mode would be really hard since Edd has the soul of kindness and kindness gets killed so you have 1 life



hes like normal frisk but his head and a kindness locket

Alt look

Utfan355 gave him a spare green hoodie he wears instead of frisk stripe shirt


hes stil Edd a coke lover also a cinni bunny lover (he makes special ones) and hes not silent


since in start theme in the reboot he say he makes puns so that what he does when when Tom get drunks

Special recipe

he uses the power of Kindness on his cinni bunnys which make people instantly good


Annoying Dog
This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU series.


Underfell sans

he made him so happy when he gave his brother a cinni bunny.

Underfell papyrus

he completely changed him


Utfan gave Edd a spare green hoodie

Blueberry (US) sans

blue gave him hugs


he saw ballonicorn and thought he died but woke up in his bed



one of his best mates


a good friend and not one at the same time


his goat dad he loves him and paul loves him back


after the date they been pretty silent and been socially awkward when their around each other


they still not friend or buddies but they do you can drink the most of their hated drink so edd may drink diet and Eduardo has to drink normal coke, but Eduardo May hit him once or twice.


they haven't really seen each other after the date with Tom


he stays at edds house and watches TV with Tom


she may over treat Edd by giving him to many cokes etc (but she tries to be a good mum)


one time the mirror brought ell out and she possessed Edd but Edd always fights back and wins.


haven't even met


haven't seen each other after pacifist run

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