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Template:Dialogue in this AU is were all the characters from Eddsworld and their locations are their instead of the normal UT stuff.

Tord and Ell (Asriel and chara) Story

same thing as before but they didn't die they went up to the surface to fight back their land but they died Tord managed to come back but he died when he came back.

Story (main)

monsters won the war and only a few humans survived. there's no barrier but monsters became pure evil and if a human goes up they die.

Edd (and others)

they hid away on the surface but where found and thrown underground they want them dead since they didn't fight back when they were weak and want to Execute them.

Story (true lab)

Laurel was doing an experiment and some nuclear waste fell into the underground beach and Mutated nearly every monster so Paul and more survived and killed the zombies.


he went into this shelter then one day he heard banging and tons of zombies came in he grabbed a shovel and killed them all and he regrets killing them.


the zombie shelter- were the traps are more harder. (since Paul used fights zombies so he uses it for protection)

grassy land- its snowdin with no snow. (there's a Christmas tree that Tom wants to burn)

Hell-Eduardo he gets angry so his land got angry and became hell.

toxic area- there was an accident with the scientist that made it toxic and and theirs a zombie outbreak and she is trying to fix it.

Fun dead-you enter a huge theme park full of traps and zombies.

Magic mirror- your enter it to find an alternate world which you have to do a long walk to find pauline then you fight for freedom.



Edd is Frisk, or the protagonist, because, well... it's EddsTale. If he were to be Sans or someone else, the name wouldn't make sense. But, you're right, Edd wouldn't kill anybody on purpose. His soul is Kindness (green) which sets up a little more mystery. When kindness dies in Undertale, they can't come back. The same rule applies to Edd.


Paul is goat mom (well, goat dad) Because I think he'd be incredibly kind and he's seen some things.he fought though an army of zombies and never wants to do that again, this is why he only wants to protect Edd. He's been though a lot, which gave him his non-violent personality. Though he does take the battle further than Toriel. At that point, he was prepared to die right then and there. He never thought the human wouldn't kill him.


Tom is Sans. I know, I know. Many people don't like this and see Edd as a better Sans. But both Tom and Sans would have to pretend to be happy for their friends. And Tom is protective of Edd like Sans is with Papyrus. Both are incredibly serious when needed, both go to a bar often, both try to act laid back, both can be incredibly violent, both are smart and think before acting, and they both play an instrument. Also, not to mention, they both become one of the main character's best friends.


Jon is Papyrus. The reason I chose Jon over Matt is because Papyrus isn't hiding behind a look, his brother taught him that he is great. Jon and Papyrus are both very innocent and share a child-like mentality. Both of them get excited over little things and can't you just see Papyrus saying "I like ladies! I wish they liked me..."


The fish and numero uno. Let's just get straight to the point. Both say they're the best, both act before thinking, both get angry easily, both are incredibly powerful foes, both hate(d) the main character, both get easily frustrated, both were (most likely) bullied as children, both take on incredible challenges to prove they're the best, both are very violent, neither are afraid to kill, both throw insults at the main character (punk and loser) and they're not that bad when you befriend them. They both really care!


Let's see, these are two characters who have both worked with technology and seem to be awkward around groups of people. Not to mention Space Cats and Mew Mew Kissy Cutie both involve felines!


Both of these two are incredibly vain, obsessed with their body (mainly face and legs) both love mirrors, and Matt used to be smart and Zombeh Matt acted similar to Calculator-Mettaton. They both don't believe in failure and when they get distracted they act incredibly dumb, they both want to be popular with the people, but not to have friends (like Papyrus and Jon) but to have fans! Yay I'm popular!

Pauline-Asgore (Genderbent Paul)

Pauline and Asgore are both a lot alike. She would be considered to be the cold side of Paul, though she regrets the war as well, like Asgore. She just wants to make everything right again.


Tord is Flowey because Flowey ultimately wants to rule over the entire world, like Tord. Tord never wanted to erase it, this is why he's not Chara. Also do I even have to mention the Giant Robot (haha, memes.) and Omega Flowey? Anyways, at the end of both their 'battles' Flowey and Tord seemed to regret their actions but still act violent towards everyone. Also, Tord and Flowey both have DETERMINATION, or the Red soul. (his flower form is called thundering)


Ell and Chara? Ell and CHARA? Isn't she just like Edd? Well.... no... that's what AUs are, they're a little different. I see Ell turn to violence when Edd usually does it on accident. But Ell and Chara aren't really all bad, they just want the best for their world.

Tori-Genocide Frisk

Tori is the genocide runner, this is for everyone who thought Tord doesn't feel bad. She seems more evil than Tord in general. The Red Leader strives to destroy everything this time, no matter who's in her way.


Again, like when I mentioned Flowey, they both went power-crazy, and regretted it, but had to go back to their violent ways without choice.

Minor characters


he only serves beer and COLA and when you buy he tells you a story


Both Mark and Muffet are very quiet and aren't super important to the story, yet are loved by fans. They both are considered to be fancy and refined, and mostly looking out for what benefits them the most. Don't tell me Mark wouldn't like a ton of money!

Patti-Napstablook (Genderbent Patryk)

Again, she is the more sensitive side of Patryk that everyone likes to draw. The one that cares about everyone but still obeys orders.

Patryk-Mad dummy

This is the other side of Pat, the violent, unforgiving, and just in a bad mood in general. He's misunderstood something in the story, yet I won't spoil it.


he tells you about the zombie attack and when buying his items you loose HP you can buy a personal hell which is an instant kill.


there all tomee bears, bob is now called bear. they sound like tom except bear he sounds like ice bear.

Zombie pants-Burger pants

hes more dumb he can't speak much but he has the same attitude BG has in UT

How they know your not one of them

they hate the spare humans for not fighting back plus they like it underground but they wish they can go up so Laurel was forced to add a detector by copying their soul then making a locket they cant take off and everyone knows that so if they see a soul locket on someones chest they need to capture them.

Items (Wip)



old lucky coke can


none (fists)



zombeh mask,worn green hoodie


Zombie hand, Shovel

Grassy land


cowboy hat,Christmas tree outfit





orange bandana, black vest


Mallet,Bravery Gloves

End game

the holy sword you buy from people

Shop items

Marks spider shop

  • Diet coke -10 hp
  • huge can of of Diet coke -20hp

Grass lands Shop

coke +15hp +2SD

mirror fragment


Todds Bar

  • Beer (not diet)
  • Cola (not diet)

Hells gift shop

  • i <3 Hell cap +10DF
  • red foam finger (number 666) +6AT
  • personal hell
  • brains +5hp
  • vampires dream 0hp
  • Magic dust
  • 1/2 mirror casing

T0Me sH0p!

  • TOMato (PUNS and its their temmie flakes)
  • M0ROR piece
  • pay 4 sk00l
  • Sk00l item: Bear suit+50 hp

Toms liquor shop

all you can buy is beer if you ask for diet he kills you


the person running is a zombie (get it burgerpants) and Mat buys it every day.

Character list who i am doing next

  • Eduardo (next)
  • patryk
  • Mark
  • Lucifer
  • tomees
  • Matt
  • Laurel
  • Tom pauline


these aus will be made after i am done with this.

  • Tomtale
  • Eddsfell
  • Eddswap (Ellstale or Toritale)
  • Eddshift
  • Eddsworld (underworld)

Character sprites

Eddstale skeletom sprite sheet by mav1240-db0s1ws


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