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Echotale is full of mistakes as the characters see "false memories". It erases an anomaly universe. To stop this, you need to get to the CORE and allow it to absorb Frisk.

The story began in True Laboratory. The anomaly that emerged after the disaster there, all locations were mixed. For example, Snowdin was cold snow, due to the anomalies it becomes hot. That is an anomaly all mixed together. Therefore, they cannot get to the core. Frisk hears the "voice" of the nucleus, and G! Sans (Frisk calls him "G"), while Frisk sleeps, holds various experiments in physics and logic places to prevent repeat accidents. When approaching them to the CORE, it always disappears or repeats location. So, in a sense, the CORE is everywhere. Echo Flowers - the only balanced thing that keeps a strong CORE magic. They grow everywhere, replacing the golden flowers.