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"Hi! I'm Echo! Echo, echo, echo. Echo the Echo Flower! I may echo myself sometimes, OK? If I do, than, sorry."
– Echo's Introduction

Echo, takes the 'Second Flower' Role, in Charatale (she's my OC, but, she's only in this AU).

She guides Chara, Monster Kid, Flowey, and, Frisk in Waterfall. Their kinda good friends, but, Flowey... is her enemy.


Waterfall - Start

Echo the Flower Introduction Room

Flowey, says Echo's basically an Echo Flower, Female version of him. Echo, cries, and, Flowey apologizes. Echo, continues, saying how Waterfall has Echo Flowers, Bridge Seeds, A Piano Puzzle, etc. Chara, comments on how this place took the longest to build puzzles for this place for the monsters. Flowey, said it did not. They argue, for a while. Echo, says that she'll come check on them later.

Waterfall - Bridge Seed Puzzles

First Puzzle

At the Bridge Seed puzzle, she says that, "This is really simple! If you have trouble... just talk to me." Frisk talks to her and she says "... ... .... are you seriously having problems? Its the first puzzle!" she doesn't help. Chara, and, Flowey, come, after arguing for a few more minutes. Chara's wearing an Old Tutu.

Second Puzzle

She comments by saying, "This one's more difficult, humans. I hope you can solve it, though! Oh, and, by the way... that bell can be rung to make them go to there original spots! Well, good luck!" she winks and leaves.

They solve it easily, and Echo says, "You did this one, the second one, easier that the first, which took you half-an-hour!"

After the Undyne Fight

She judges you depending on who you kill (she doesn't appear in Genocide).

If you Killed Undyne

  • ... why? Do you think killing her was 'fun'?
  • Do you know fun's... definition? Well, its...
  • not that.
  • ... I don't want to ever see you again, demonic human.
If you Reset after Undyne Dies

  • So, you RESET to SAVE Her, huh?
  • Because, you regret that decision.
  • I thought you would, human!
  • Well, I...
  • forgive you.
If you did a Genocide in Waterfall

  • So...
  • you killed everyone here, huh?
  • Shyren, Aaron, Wosh, Moldbyg.
  • Think about those names.
  • Anyone one of them has a family, friends, and, you... ruined that.
  • I hate your guts.
If you Spare everyone

  • Good job, humin!
  • I knew u could do it! after all, humin so..... cute!!!!!!
  • oh... I didn't notice, Chara...


  • She is the youngest Temmie as Tem
  • She calls herself Echo because that's her nickname as a Temmie
  • She says she doesn't like anyone. But, she likes Byg.

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