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*You've Met with a Terrible Fate, Haven't You?
"I'm here to help..."
ERASE!Sans is a Sans another AU know as "Bloodfell". Not much is know about this AU, But it is know that Sans himself destroyed Bloodfell and everyone in it. Sans Once Sans and Gaster both used to work together as scientists. They always used to work together and were best friends. ERASE is constantly breaking the fourth wall, because he is aware that everything is just a game.


Sans and Gaster were carrying out an experiment to try and stop Frisk/Chara, as this was taking place in a genocide timeline. However, the experiment went wrong and they both realised that everything was just a game. They realised that everyone and everything are puppets controlled by, what they call, "the creators".

("The creators" refer to the Undertale fanbase, everyone and anyone that has ever created an au). 

They became enraged. Knowing that all the terrible things that had ever happened in their universe, to all the timelines, all the AUs, could have been prevented. But they let it all just happen anyway. In fact they MADE it happen. 

Just because the creators wished it.

Sans and Gaster turned insane and then killed everyone in BloodFell, and then they worked and worked, until found out how to travel from AU to AU.

His end goal is killing everyone, ever, thus ending all of creation. He also thinks that he is somehow "saving" everyone by doing this. They think that once they have killed EVERYONE, "The Creators" will have to step in, and then, they can finally end all of this.

Sans now took on the name "ERASE!Sans", or just simply "ERASE". Gaster sort of haunts ERASE, following him around like a ghost. Sometimes Gaster will appear alongside ERASE, sometimes he will not. But he is always there. Always fighting alongside ERASE. Sometimes he won't make himself visible to you, but ERASE can always see him.  

Gaster and ERASE will always talk to each other. Although, Gaster normally only talks to ERASE, so no one else can hear him. He's basically in his head. ERASE is normally the only one that actually talks out loud. Although when they are angry, they will both speak at once, which sounds terrifying. 

ERASE believes that there is only one "Good creator", and that is the one that created him. He believes that whoever created him must be on his side, and that also wants the cruelty to end.

Then, after they finished of the UT!Verse they will move on to the next multiverse. Then the next, and then the next. Sort of like like a multiversal virus. ERASE still calls BloodFell "home", which is now empty.

He will go there when he feels like it.


Being an an out-of-code character and a glitch, he will appear mildly glitchy. Both of his eyes are now red (for determination). His jacket, shorts, and markings on his skull are all the same as BloodFell Sans's. Those haven't changed.

However what has changed, is that his mouth appears to be ripping apart, every time his mouth closes it will look different, because he is literally ripping open his mouth every time he opens it.

He also has red gooey tentacles. These are his "Blood Tentacles", Which are literally made of the blood of those who he has killed. He can turn them into any shape or weapon, like a knife, a axe, or any other sharp objects. This blood liquid will also spill out of his mouth and eyes when he is angry.


Erase Blasters (or "Blood Blasters") - They are just like the normal Gaster Blasters, only much, much stronger. They have red eyes, sharper teeth, the markings that ERASE has on his skull, and they shoot red lasers.

Blood Tentacles - He can change them into any weapon and use them in battle. These are his strongest weapons, dealing massive amounts of damage.

Bone Attacks - They are just like Sans' bone attacks, only much stronger.

Teleportation - He can teleport like the original Sans.

AU Travel - He can travel across the multiverse at will.

Hands - Can summon 7 hands that can have the human soul colours, as well as the souls abilities.

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