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"Our people is out there in their capital! We have to free them!"
– Undyne's speech while forming the resistance

DystopicFate is an AU (Alternate Universe) of the role-playing video game Undertale, being one of the probabilities of what could have happened after the destruction of the barrier, with a darker and real vision than what Undertale is used to be. Everything before that is identical to the OU (Original Universe). This AU is more based on text or book like stories instead of using the comic, animation or fan game formats. It also tells details of what happened before the monsters be trapped underground

The Setting

No More Barriers

After the monsters being freed from the underground destroying the barrier, the humans saw that event with bad eyes. Fearing what the monsters could do and knowing the legends of what happened in the past become solid again, they started another war against the monsters.

For the humans side, they cannot use magic anymore because they lost this ability long ago. Instead of that, they have war machines and firearms. With no magic, the monsters side weighed and Undyne was capable of kill a human. When she absorbed their SOUL, she was able to balance the war and give the humans, a taste of the Undying. Seeing no other choice, and in despair, the humans used their mass destruction weapons to strike back. The humans won, but the price was too high. The continent became a wasteland. More deaths than any other war known. A new human government, called "The Capital" is now ruling the continent and started to pursue the remaining monsters.

As consequence of this, the monsters who did not die were captured or fled back to the underground:

  • Asgore was captured by the capital and is being kept on their palace as prisoner. The Six Fallen Human souls were taken with him.
  • Toriel and Frisk escaped, but nobody know where they went to, nor if they are fine or not.
  • Sans and Papyrus were captured, and Papyrus' life was threatened, forcing Sans to not do anything or do his bad time.
  • Doctor Alphys was captured and forced to give all her research about the human souls and determination, besides work for the humans against her will.
  • Mettaton was destroyed during the war on its NEO transformation.
  • Undyne and some remaining Royal Guards escaped back to the Underground, and formed the RESISTANCE, with some monsters that survived the war.
  • No signals of what happened to Asriel. If he indeed became once again Flowey or whatsoever.
  • The rest of the monsters were captured or escaped back to the underground.

Once again the monsters are trapped on the underground, not by magical barriers, but by the fear and threat that keep them there. Undyne feels more determined than ever, and gets ready to lead the resistance, free the monsters and give and end to the tyranic human government. But this goal seems more like a faraway dream than a close reality.

A prophecy

With this new fateful reality, the hopes and dreams turned into despair and nightmares. Undyne gives her best to try recover them, and give meaning to the resistance keep fighting for their freedom, but every minute seems to be eternities of survival and fights. Both sides are weakened, and only a new frisk could change their fate, as said by another profecy made during the war. Years passed, with every monster waiting for this messiah, but they never came.

About this AU

Created to be more like a book than making artworks, this AU focus more on creating stories based on the idea "What could have happened after the monsters being freed from the underground?". Now with a new challenge for the FIGHT and SPARE mechanic, it's not only a matter of deliver the monsters from the capital, but to show who are the real monsters. No changes are made to the characters personality, being more of an extended universe than really an AU.

The Characters

The following dropdown may contain spoilers.

  • As everything else in the AU, nothing changed from the Original Universe, except for Frisk being canonically a girl in DystopicFate.
  • A new character is presented in Chapter 2, named Abigail and is part of one of Asgore's flashbacks. She's one of the seven wizards who created the barrier.