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Dynamitale is an AU

by Sanswitch1. In this AU, frisk doesn't fall underground, causing the monsters to stay underground even longer.


About the AU

Due to being underground for longer, some monsters commit suicide and some go mad, but others only want to escape the underground as fast as possible. 100 years later, a human finally falls underground. The human's name is Mal, she starts with a small blaster (10ATK) and a hologram shield (10DEF) and she has a white SOUL, This SOUL's trait is Altruism. It turns darker the more LOVE it accumulates.


  • Frisk never falls underground.
  • The eighth human is Mal, and falls at 211X.
  • Flowey looks old and worn out from time, and all he says is: "Welcome down here human... you should have stayed up there since we all will probably die sooner or later... but remember, its kill or be killed..."
  • Napstablook acts emotionless and wants to die, but can't since he is a ghost.
  • Toriel went crazy from loneliness and when she sees Mal she instantly charges towards them and pleads them to "stay with (her)... just for a bit..."
  • When Toriel is killed, she says: "Thank you, my child..."
  • Sans acts a bit normal, but dresses in darker colors and doesn't say puns most of the time.
  • Papyrus isn't as energetic as before, but is still cheery and wants to see a human no matter how long it takes.
  • When Papyrus is killed in genocide, he says: "...WHY?"
  • Monster Kid jumped into the river at 206X.
  • The river person has gotten a little more lively and says more puns.
  • Undyne has gotten weaker and has left the royal guard a while ago (probably 209X).
  • When Undyne is fought in the genocide route, She says: "I am not strong, but I feel them...the souls of all the monsters left here...I shall try to beat you!"
  • When Undyne is killed in the genocide route, she says: "I am sorry, everyone...but we shall be free thanks to this human..."
  • Alphys jumped into the core just to see what would happen at 210X and is still regretting it.
  • Asgore is demotivated so his fight is easy (if you eat the pie, he stops fighting completely.
  • In the genocide route Asgore says: " will leave here...soon."
  • Flowey has a darker Omega form, but it is much weaker.
  • When you fight sans in the genocide route, he uses his glowing eye instantly, tries to kill you quickly, and and his eye is red. He says all the normal stuff (before the fight) but during the fight he says, "you hear the lonely air down here right? we are all going to die in 100 more years any way... so thank you human,but you killed papyrus so it's time to die" His moves are a lot harder and his blasters fire red lasers (because your SOUL is  close to being fully black).

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