This is a simple list of all the Undertale Alternate Universes (Abbreviated as AUs) that were created by the user, DustyTheGoat.


  • Scattertale - Another AU where characters swap places.
  • Swipswap - Yet another AU where characters swap places.
  • AWRSTSTale - Another swapping AU, except the characters new positions was decided by a name-selecting website.
  • GoldenTale - The one you're all familiar with, this is a self-insert user AU.
  • ArcadeTale - An AU where all the monsters are arcade characters, and the humans are characters from Indie games. Reanimated version: ArcadeTale: Reanimated
  • SMLTale - An Undertale AU based off of the YouTuber SuperMarioLogan.
  • Genocidal Differences - An Undertale AU like no other (I think). When in the Pacifist Route, everything is unaffected. But in the Genocide Route, everyone becomes a difficult boss. From Poltsterblook to Sixsouls Sans, this AU is a Genocide-themed ROLLER COASTER!!
  • SixFeetUnder - An AU like Horrortale, but it doesn't take place after a Neutral Run.
  • KoopalingTale - An AU where monsters are replaced with Mario enemies. The major characters are replaced with the Koopalings.
  • Undertale: Four Humans - Undertale: Four Humans is an Undertale AU where instead of one human, there is four that fall in the game.
  • DumbWaysTale - An Undertale AU inspired off of Dumb Ways to Die.
  • JeffyTale - A joke AU where everyone is Jeffy and Jeffy is everyone.
  • Underflip - A switching AU between main and background characters.
  • SeasonSwap - An AU where instead of characters swapping, it's the seasons of the four areas.
  • ShiftTale - Another swapping AU.
  • Undertale: Before the War - An alternate universe based off of what I think it was like in the past.
  • PeopleSwap - A swapped version of Faxs AU, PeopleTale.
  • Undertale: The Temmie Flake Facility - An AU where the Tem shop owner is queen and turned the Underground into a Temmie Flake factory.
  • PersonalitySwap - An AU where instead of swapping roles, they swap personalities.
  • Underwoof - An AU where the main characters are swapped with the dog/dog-like creatures.
  • Underfandom - An AU based on how the fandom sees Undertale.
  • Underground Location - An AU based off of mainly FNaF Sister Location.
  • Underbrawl - An AU based off of Super Smash Bros.
  • Yet Another Swapping AU - Another swap AU, as the name suggests.
  • TwistingSwap - A swapping AU where lots of characters are swapped around.
  • StrangeChange - Another swapping AU, as expected.
  • Pundertale - Undertale, but extra punny.
  • Trioshift - A swapping AU where characters swap in groups of three.
  • Undertale3 - A Minecraft-based AU, shockingly.

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