Dusk is a Minor Character in Crewtale. He represents FANDOM User, Midnight from DITLOR in Crewtale. The reason he is male is because Midnight was asked to make a male character, since there are so many female characters in Crewtale. 


Dusk wears a bronze colored top hat with metal bronze goggles. Dark brown eyes and slightly tanned skin. A beauty mark (or whatever you want to call it) above his lip. A white button up shirt under a brown and black vest with pockets and decorative buttons that he sewed on because he has a strange liking for buttons. He has a strange shoulder brace that is decorated with embroidered gears, which he has because he has shoulder problems. He has a fanny pack that he keeps  pain medications in (for his shoulder on its bad days), bandages, a notepad, and a black pen, a brown pen, and a gold-colored pen. Dusk wears brown and black striped pants that are partly covered by his boots. He has a pair of brown boots that have two buckles (one of which are just there for decoration). His boots have slight heels because he finds them FABULOUS! He has a sword came that makes most people assume he also has a limp along with his shoulder, but he does not (though he pretends to). He uses the sword for fighting, but he usually tries to avoid any conflict involving himself.


Dusk is a smart aleck, and tries to be helpful to others, but this doesn't usually work out well. He is friendly and loves almost everyone (platonically, duh). If he dislikes someone, he will still try to be friendly towards them, unless they harm any of his friends. He has a slight hoarding issue, which causes him to become aggressive if someone tries to take his things. Dusk will share, though, ONLY if whoever is using his item has his permission. He enjoys making others laugh, even if he feels like garbage.  

Summary of Backstory

Dusk existed in the Genderswap!DITLOR. One day, Reeper and the others were getting on his nerves more than usual, and he decided to go and visit his old home in the Multiverse to get some alone time.  But, when he arrived, Error became angry that even more 'Glitches' were invading his home space and kicked him out. Literally. He landed in SteamTale (if that isn't a thing, which I'm fairly sure it's not, XD, basically it's a Steampunk version of Undertale), damaging his entire left side, in particular his shoulder. Dusk was found by Steam!Toriel, who took him in and tried to heal him. Unfortunately, his left shoulder was almost beyond repair, and could not be fully healed. Toriel gave him a shoulder brace that she had embroidered with gears, which he liked so much that he attempted to bake her a pie..... let's just say that he cannot bake, shall we? A few months later, after the Monsters of Steamtale were let out of their Underground, Dusk left the AU and began exploring different AUs, making both friends and enemies. 


  •  Sword Fighting: He learned how to sword fight from SamuraiTale!Papyrus (that actually exists, look it up it's cool). This is also how he learned to speak Japanese.
  • Pilot: He learned how to pilot blimps from Skytale!Gerson, but he still has no idea how to fly a plane.


  • Swimming, riding a bike, snapping, or whistling.
  • Dusk never felt the need to learn this, except when he visited Oceantale (that ended badly..) That, and he never had the chance to actually learn the skills, since he never stays in one AU for too long.


  • Tickling: Extremely ticklish under his arms, on his foot soles, his chest, behind his right ear, and his knees.
  • Lack of common sense: He has trouble realising very simple things and tends to forget very important things.
  • Left shoulder: If his left shoulder is hit hard enough (the equivalent to the impact needed is the same as the impact of a Blue Attack).


  • Dusk hides anxiety from all of his friends with smiles and jokey remarks.
  • Sometimes when he alone in his room, he breaks down and cries.
  • He hates to take charge, but tends to take charge in some situations without realizing.
  • Enjoys reading history books and fantasy novels, though doesn't usually do so.
  • This is because he has read all of the books he owns multiple times and needs new material.
  • He is a terrible liar, unless it is about a personal problem that he has.

((Since I'm on mobile, can someone convert the top info into a character infobox please? It would be much appreciated! Thank you! :3))

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