After 50 genocide timelines, sans has had enough and is about to make one final stand. He decided to go look for lingering souls before he encountered Chara at the Last Corridor. He surprisingly found Undyne's soul, shortly after she was killed, and FUSED with it. This process gave him the ability [DARK MAGIC].



DS (duru!sans) wears a purple cloak, similar to asgore's, and a mini gaster blaster skull as the button. He has dark flames surrounding his right eye socket. He also wears purple gloves, purple slippers, white t-shirt, and blue shorts. He rarely shows his gills and fins, since he fused with Undyne's soul, to others. His best pal is Sword!sans.


DS is usally chill but whenever he see's a knife or any sharp object, it reminds him of the 50 timelines which were genocidal, thus bringing his sanity level almost to 0. Sometimes his sinister glare can make him look menacing to others.


DS has the power to travel through various AU's using the {INNER CODE}. His dark magic makes him almost invincible, since that slicing any part of his body will just get glued back on by the DM. He has alot more than 1 hp and, if he wanted to, can vaporize his enemies in one shot. He has a upgraded version of the Gaster Blaster, which is called the GATICOU. He has 5 different bone colors; Blue, Black, Purple, Orange, White (normal). If angered enough, DS's DM will overtake his body and make him {SO CLOSE} invincible. Unlike the original sans, it IS impossible to tire, or outlast, him out. He also has the speeds of Mach 30, making it impossible to land a hit on him.

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